Terms & Conditions

Our Commitment

Harley Trims advocate the use of all natural products.

We are passionate about what we do and constantly challenge ourselves to enhance existing skills, techniques and learn new methods to improve the quality and timing over grooms, ultimately delivering the best results possible.

We will always keep up to date with new equipment, laws, and qualifications to give pets the best experience in our care.

We have no higher priority than promoting a safe and secure experience for our clients; Focused on animal welfare, we offer a one to one service ensuring a clean and safe environment for all pets with maximum effort applied to create calming and relaxing conditions for every pet, every visit.

We take salon hygiene very seriously; pets are always given spa treatment in a clean and sanitised workspace. Tools, equipment and workstation are routinely and thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and sanitised in between each grooming appointment.

We review our risk register and carry out risk assessments on a regular basis to ensure that salon hygiene and our practises are performed in the safest environment possible.


Terms of service

By booking and attending an appointment you agree to the following terms.

Pets health and welfare it is the pet guardians responsibility to ensure their pet is fit and healthy we must be notified of any pre-existing health conditions pets may have prior to their appointment.

Whilst pets are in our care it's health safety and welfare are our primary concern.

Pets will only be groomed in according to their tolerance of the process. If pets began to display signs they are uncomfortable with any of the procedures during grooming an alternative method will be employed or further grooming sessions will be advised to complete a groom or grooming procedure.

Should pets display any signs that they are struggling and unable to cope during any stage of the grooming process the groom will be terminated and full payment is still due for the appointment.

Grooming may expose underlying skin or health conditions which pet guardians may not be aware of. We will notify pet guardians of this so that veterinary advice can be sought. We cannot be held liable for any pre-existing health conditions found on pets.

Although extremely unlikely, accidents can happen during grooming. Sometimes pets can move quickly during grooming when working with sharp scissors and clippers there is always a possibility that injury can occur even if every effort is made to ensure this does not happen. Any known injuries will always be reported to the pet guardian.

In the event of accidental injury or a serious medical condition arising during a grooming session, the pet guardian will collect their pet immediately and seek veterinary advice; All costs in connection with this will be at the guardian's expense.

At Harley Trims sole discretion, the business may offer or agree to compensate towards an accidental injury or a serious medical condition arising during pets grooming session. The pet guardian will need to provide a full veterinary report detailing the consultation, appointment dates, medical treatments applied, and a breakdown of costs involved in relation to the incident only; These are required upon request.

These are required for consideration of claims and must be emailed directly to Harley Trims for review before a final decision can be made.

Failure or refusal to provide the information required, will result in an immediate withdrawal of this offer. Harley Trims reserves the right to withdraw the offer of compensation towards any veterinary or medical treatment at any stage.

Under guidance issued by the Royal College of veterinary surgeons, we do not express anal glands nor pluck ear hair. We may still advise if we discover pets glands are full and need to visit the vet for expression or if we discover ear infections during a groom.


Salon Exclusivity

We operate on appointment only system and a one to one basis awarding pet’s salon exclusivity.

Only by prior agreement can multiple pets from the same family have appointments together.


Grooming feedback

The pet guardian will be given detailed feedback following every grooming appointment.

Should pet guardians feel dissatisfied with any aspect of their groom, this should be discussed with us before leaving.

Reasonable requests to alter the trim will be dealt with immediately or changes noted for the next grooming appointment.

Should pet guardians have any queries regarding their pets groom or need further clarification, we can be contacted during working hours as advertised on our website.

We are more than happy to discuss any details of a pets groom with their respective pet guardian and advise pet guardians about how best to care for their pets coat.

Any issues found after the groom must be reported to Harley Trims within 24 hours of the appointment; We cannot be held liable for any issues discovered beyond this time.


 Grooming schedules

We are committed to learning and understanding every pets individual needs, the pet guardians grooming styles preferred, and earning every pets trust; We appreciate that it takes time and patience, and this doesn't happen with just one visit.

For pets that experience anxiety or are nervous we can only reasonably accept clients that are able to commit to a regular grooming schedule and possible additional trips to the salon to help with the desensitization  as agreed between Harley Trims and the pet guardian.

All appointments are reserved on a first come, first served basis.

Following the first grooming appointment, we will then advise regular grooming schedule suitable for the pet guardian, their pets coat maintenance and lifestyle or to help address any issues relating to anxiety or stress, which will be agreed with the pet guardian and need to be pre booked.

Commitment will be required from the pet guardian to maintain their pets coat at home in between professional grooming appointments.

If the pet guardian is unable to meet the required grooming schedule, we will be in contact to discuss changes to the existing schedule.

If the schedule changes are unsuitable, where required or necessary, we reserve the right to exercise termination of the pet guardians account at Harley Trims.


Bookings, Appointments and Timekeeping

All bookings made with Harley Trims are subject to the full terms of service.

Harley Trims operate strictly by appointment only. We endeavour to provide a free appointment reminder by text or e-mail before scheduled appointment. If pet guardians require a reminder by phone, please ask us when booking.

We respectfully request a minimum of two days’ notice if pet guardians need to cancel and rearrange the appointment, (eg if an appointment is scheduled on Wednesday the 7th contact must be made to cancel the appointment by Monday the 5th, at the very latest).

No shows, missed appointments and late cancellations;

Pet guardians must be on time for their appointment, and must ensure that they are always contactable by phone and within a reasonably collectible distance for the duration of their pets appointment.

Failure to arrive within 30 minutes of a scheduled appointment time, without contacting us, will be considered a missed appointment and will be charged accordingly.

In lieu of notice of cancellation given, £25 fee per dog or up to 50% of the cost of the groom will be charged for missed appointments at our discretion.

Accruing a total of two missed appointments will result in a discontinuation of all future services.

All late fees must be paid before future appointment bookings can be made.

The appointment slot for a pets groom has been booked at the pet guardians request exclusively.

If pet guardians require an earlier drop off or later collection time due to other commitments, please discuss this when booking or arriving to the appointment.

Most grooms take between one and three hours or more depending on the size and temperament of the pet and its coat condition.

Pet guardians will be given an approximate time to collect their pet upon drop off.

It is advisable not to return to the salon before this time, a pet guardians attendance may distract their pet during the finishing stage of the groom. We will call pet guardians if their pet groom is completed before the estimated finish time. Should we encounter a delay with pets grooming appointment and require additional time, we will call and inform the pet guardian.

If pet guardians are running late, please telephone us to notify the salon. We understand that from time to time unforeseen circumstances may arise.

If the pet guardian is late and has not contacted us they will be charged £5 for every 15 minutes following the initial 15 minute window.


Shaving Double Coated Breeds

We do not recommend, and will not, shave double coated breeds for the following reasons;

A double coat acts in the same way as insulation, to keep pets cool in the summer and warm in the winter and protects against sunrays and sunburn. Shaving can cause coat funk where the hair grows back patchy different lengths and sparse in some places. It can take up to two years for the top coat to grow back, shaving does not prevent shedding.

It also places pets at risk of sunburn, heat stroke, hypothermia and frostbite.

Where shaving is recommended by a veterinarian we would prefer to see a vet report to confirm this in order to proceed solely on our discretion, with prior pet guardian understanding and agreement.


Neglected and or matted coats

If a pets coat needs to be cut down to release from matting or coat neglect Harley Trims, its owner and operator, are not liable for any post grooming effects of this procedure, which is not without risk.

Any humane de-matting will be undertaken solely our discretion, in compliance with the animal welfare Act 2006 (clause five animals are to be protected from pain, injury and suffering).

De-matting during a routine groom is limited to a maximum of 15 minutes and is only possible if the matting is minimal.

For severely matted coats where de-matting is not possible, the only humane way to deal with this is to completely shave off the coat.

Clipping off a matted coat will completely change a pets appearance and could also aggravate pre-existing skin conditions such as hematoma usually caused by tight mats.

Pet guardians will be given an estimate of how long matt release is likely to take and agree to pay an additional charge for the procedure.

A shave down consumes significantly more time, labour, product tool equipment wear and tear than a routine trim and we will therefore incur extra charge.

All shave down costs are payable in full at the time their pet is due for collection.

We reserve the right to refuse to groom/ shave down a matted pet for the following reasons;

Age of pet; a severely matted senior pet is more unlikely to tolerate the hair removal process and their thin skin is more at risk of injury.

Pets whom we don't have a history with and are therefore unfamiliar with possible underlying health conditions.

Pets with injuries or illnesses: severely matted pets with any apparent injuries or illnesses need to be seen by a vet prior to their grooming appointment, these will then be documented and considered before we can proceed are our discretion.

Pets behaviour: Dogs in pain can show unexpected or out of character behaviours and as such may become aggressive and become a higher risk of injury to themselves or us.


Fleas, Worming, Lice and Mites;

It is entirely at the pet guardians risk if pets are not vaccinated or not given regular flea and worming treatment and we cannot be held liable for a condition which pets could have been vaccinated against.

It is up to the guardian and their veterinarian to provide a safe level of protection for their pet.

We will inspect and run a comb through every pets caught on arrival for their appointment if pets are found with fleas on arrival for an appointment, they will be sent home immediately and full payment for the appointment is still due.

Following initial inspection, if traces of parasites are not seen however pets are found with fleas/ lice at any stage of the groom, pets will be treated with flea shampoo and an additional charge will be added to the total groom.

Flea shampoo does not protect pets against any fleas/ lice they may encounter after they leave the salon.

Bringing a flea/lice infested pet into the salon risks contamination of the whole salon which will need fumigation to prevent contaminating other pets whose appointments follow. If we must close the salon due to fleas/ lice brought in and cancel other clients appointments for the fumigation process, we reserve the right to charge the pet guardian for loss of earnings for the remainder of the day.

Once there are fleas in the home, they are extremely difficult to get rid of which is why we are very strict on our policy.


Aggressive and poorly socialised dogs: The Dangerous Dogs act

We reserve the right to refuse to groom any pets at risk of harming itself or us.

We must be informed prior to grooming if a pet has ever bitten or displayed aggression and reserve the right to terminate an appointment at any stage including during the appointment.

Grooming an aggressive and or poorly socialised pet bears a much higher risk of injury.

Failure to disclose this information will result in refusal of all future services.

If a pet is accepted for grooming and displays aggression, which we were not notified off before the session, the groom will be terminated immediately, and the pet guardian will be contacted to collect their pet. If this is the case full payment for the appointment is still due.

The pet guardians attention is drawn to the Dangerous Dogs Act, which holds guardians liable for bites and injuries caused by their pets.

We must be informed of pets which are poorly socialised, have not been regularly groomed at home, do not regularly see a professional pet groomers or are highly reactive.

We must be informed of pets which are likely to consistently bark as we work in residential area and must be given notice when working with pets which may have an impact on noise levels and therefore we may not be a suitable fit for your pet.

We will not accept sedated pets; It is safer for pets and us if they are groomed at the vets.

Elderly pets are groomed entirely at the pet guardians risk; we may have to stop the groom at any point and send the pet home. If this is the case, full payment for the appointment is still due. Pet guardians are responsible for the care of their pet's grooming requirements.


Quicked Nails

The nail has a blood supply/ vein growing in it called a quick. If the nail is not trimmed often and left to grow long, the quick will grow with the nail. On longer nails, it can be harder to judge where the quick is. When the nail is cut too short, the quick can also be caught causing bleeding which is a common mishap and rarely needs veterinary attention.

If the quick is cut, we will use coagulant to stop the bleeding to keep the area sterile and dry. We would advise pet guardians not to walk the pet on concrete for 24 hours to prevent the nail bleeding again.

If the nail should start bleeding again at home, the following can be applied to stop the nail bleeding; Corn flour, sugar, running the nail through a wet soap bar and keeping pets calm and relaxed.



Full payment for completed appointments will be taken upon collection of the pet and can be accepted prior to commencement of the groom.

Payments can be made in cash, via bank transfer or PayPal please ask us for details.

Payment is still due for any terminated appointments.

All shave down costs are payable in full at the time the pet is due for collection.

All fees must be paid before future appointments and bookings can be made.

Failure to provide a payment will result in an immediate discontinuation of all future services and any booking fees or deposits held will be fortified.

We reserve the right not to offer refunds for services rendered.


All clients data obtained during communications, appointment booking and from New client registration forms hold the pet guardians name and contact details, their pets name and descriptions as well as information and agreement to using your pets image for social media and advertising purposes.

We use this data to contact you in the event of a medical emergency or where appointment termination and early collection is required.

We also use this information to contact pet guardians for appointment booking, reminding or scheduling or if we need to contact you during the groom. We may also from time to time use this to send you relevant information about upcoming offers from Harley Trims. We will ensure that your data is stored securely and password protected at all times and will only be used to contact you for relevant purposes.

We will never share this data with any other parties.

Zero Tolerance & Slander

Under the malicious Communications Act 1998 Harley Trims will not accept or tolerate any harassment, slander, malicious falsehood or defamation via social media or other verbal communication, relating to a groom. 

If pet guardian is unsatisfied with the service we invite them to contact us at the earliest opportunity within 24 hours of their appointment and we will try our best to resolve the issue.

Harley Trims reserves the right to refuse service to anyone that brings in neglected pets or is verbally or physically abusive to anyone on the premises, this includes their own pets.