lead Coach David

Lead Coach David is a highly dedicated and passionate educator who has devoted 16 years of his career to teaching at Hark Music. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom, and his versatility as a vocalist and ability to play a wide range of songs on the guitar and piano enhance his students' connection to the music they are learning. David's approach to teaching is creative as he consistently strives to find new and exciting ways to engage his students to reach their full potential. His cheerful and upbeat personality creates a dynamic and enjoyable learning environment. With Coach David at the helm, there will never be a dull moment in class, and students can expect to be inspired and motivated to achieve their musical goals.

Lead Coach Gabrielle

Coach Gabrielle is a remarkably accomplished musician who holds a Bachelor's degree in Music (Hons) from the prestigious Royal College of Music in London, UK, as well as a Diploma in Music from NAFA, SG. Her musical journey began at the tender age of four when she first started learning the piano. She has since collaborated with numerous renowned international artists such as Nicholas Sears, Patricia Bardon, Vladimir Chernov, and Olga Toporkova. In addition, she has also contributed her talents as a pianist to a local chorus. As a certified Vocal EXPRESSWAY® coach, Gabrielle is committed to providing her students with an enjoyable and fulfilling learning experience. With her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering dedication to teaching, students can look forward to unlocking their full potential under her guidance.

Lead Coach JOANN

Coach Joann is a highly dynamic and engaging music educator known for infusing her lessons with enthusiasm and enjoyment. Possessing considerable experience as a Vocal EXPRESSWAY® coach and being accredited with an ABRSM Grade 8 in Piano, she showcases a deep level of musical expertise and proficiency. She firmly believes in the universality of music, advocating that it is a language accessible to all. Complementing her educational background, Coach Joann has actively participated in significant events, including performances at prestigious venues such as Marina Bay Sands, ASEAN Para Games, and SG50 The Great Singapore Singalong. Her multifaceted experience as both an accomplished performer and dedicated educator positions her as an exemplary mentor for aspiring musicians.

lead Coach relyne

Lead Coach Relyne is a versatile singer in the genres of Pop, Rock and Jazz. She performs regularly at Tinbox and has collaborated with various artistes such as Jimmy Ye, Joi Chua, Olivia Ong, YuMing Lai and Claire Kuo in the AL!VE concerts. As an avid composer, she has won “BEST THEME SONG” in the Asian Academy Creative Awards 2018, NEO Eco Music Challenge 2014 and various national song-writing contests. With more than 10 years of coaching experience at Hark Music, she has been helping her students to achieve breakthroughs with her out-of-the-box solutions.

LEAD Coach Kevin

Coach Kevin is a versatile and dedicated musician who has devoted his career to the pursuit of musical excellence. Boasting proficiency in various musical genres and instruments, including singing, teaching, lyric writing, and performing, he possesses a rich background in both performance and pedagogy. A graduate of LaSalle College of the Arts and a certified violinist and pianist from ABRSM, Kevin has leveraged his musical expertise to perform, record, and teach singing and performance techniques globally, spanning countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Australia. Throughout his international endeavors, he has successfully instructed students of diverse ages and backgrounds. In his role as a Vocal EXPRESSWAY® coach, Kevin is steadfast in his commitment to imparting his skills to inspire and nurture the musical passions of students under his guidance.

lead Coach Sunny

Lead Coach Sunny is known for her positive and enthusiastic personality, which has been instrumental in assisting numerous students in achieving a significant improvement in their singing abilities in a relatively short period of time. She brings to the table a wealth of experience and expertise as a professional singer, dancer, and actress, having featured in several noteworthy studio recordings and stage productions, including Crescendo 起飞 (Mediacorp), December Rains 雨季 (Toy Factory), Innamorati 唯一 (Toy Factory), and numerous others. Her experience in these diverse areas allows her to impart a comprehensive understanding of the industry to her students, which is invaluable in helping them to excel in their singing career.

Lead Coach nARYSAL

Lead Coach Narysal is the winner of 2021’s “Best New Artist” hosted by Scape, National Youth Council and Mediacorp, Narysal believes in telling a story and bringing it to life with his soulful vocals. Over the years, he has been performing in both the local and international stages, notably The Esplanade, National Day Parade, SEA games, Busan Choral Festival - South Korea, Exercise Wallaby - Australia, ASEAN-Korea Train, Moscow International A Cappella Festival. His debut single, “Fade Away”, has garnered over 700,000 streams since its release. As a coach at Hark, he has trained students from all walks of life, from leisure learners to music graduates.


Coach Veron is a seasoned performer with over 20 years of experience in various Asian countries. She has participated and excelled in several talent competitions, including the Genting's Love Song and Astro Talent Quest, which have enhanced her reputation as a versatile and accomplished performer. Through her vast experience in performing and her qualification of ABRSM Piano Grade 8, she has acquired extensive knowledge and expertise on stage showmanship and versatility, which she imparts to her students. Veron's mentorship inspires and motivates her students to excel, resulting in significant improvement in their skills and abilities.

Coach esther

Coach Esther is a talented and inspiring singer-songwriter who is dedicated to honing her craft and helping others do the same. With her strong background in Pop-R&B, she has successfully released two tracks on major music platforms under the stage name LAYYI, and has also graced the stages of prominent local music festivals such as Baybeats and Ignite Music Fest. As a certified Vocal EXPRESSWAY® coach, she is committed to nurturing the potential of each and every student, taking a bespoke approach to her lessons in order to bring out their unique strengths and talents. Her passion for music is contagious, and she inspires her students to embrace their love of music and cultivate it into something truly special.

Coach ENA

Coach Ena is a dynamic and enthusiastic instructor who approaches each lesson with positivity and energy. With a background as a singer-songwriter in both pop and classical genres and an Honours Degree in popular music performance from Goldsmith University of London, Ena has honed her musical skills and developed a unique artistic voice. She has published original songs on popular platforms - Spotify and KKbox, and performing at high-profile events like the Chingay parade and National Day celebration at Community Clubs. Additionally, she has collaborated regularly with the MOE to conduct music educational workshops in local schools. Notably, her original single "陪伴" has garnered over a million views on Chinese video platform Douyin. Ena's passion for music and commitment to her craft make her an inspiring and effective educator for her students. 

Coach Georgina

Coach Georgina, a Voice Performance Major at the world-renowned Berklee College of Music, is a dedicated coach with a passion for nurturing talent. Her musical journey includes performances on stages like Timbre+ and Heartland events both as a self-accompanied solo artist and as a lead vocalist in a band. Her other musical talents encompass percussion, keyboard playing, music production, and songwriting. Her musical preferences align with the genres of Contemporary Pop, Motown, Soul, and Musical Theatre, reflecting her deep passion for these styles. With her knowledge of the Vocal EXPRESSWAY® program, Coach Georgina is dedicated to providing a holistic and enjoyable learning experience for her students.

Coach SAM

Coach Sam, a graduate of LASALLE College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Music, is a seasoned performer and music coach. His diverse skillset spans guitar, ukulele, piano, drums, and bass, complemented by his abilities as a singer-songwriter. Coach Sam's impressive background includes serving as a lead vocalist in the Singapore Armed Forces Music & Drama Company and performing in hundreds of shows as both a guitarist and singer, entertaining audiences locally and internationally. With his extensive stage experience, he brings energy, real-world insights, a contagious passion for music, a wealth of practical knowledge, and an unwavering dedication to helping students reach their musical goals.

Coach Sara

Coach Sara is a vocal coach and music educator with a Diploma in Music and a Diploma in Psychology & Early Education. She has extensive experience teaching music and movement programs, emphasizing fun and self-expression while honing their skills. Sara creates a supportive and engaging environment where students can explore their voices, build confidence, and express themselves through singing. As a certified EXPRESSWAY® coach, she will help you to explore the realm of vocal expression, honing your skills in a fun-filled atmosphere.

Coach Jeremy Lee

Coach Jeremy Lee holds a Diploma in Pop Vocal Performance from LASALLE College of the Arts and he is also a Vocal EXPRESSWAY® certified coach. Having years of experience performing with bands and being exposed to a wide range of genres - Jazz Funk, Alt Rock, Pop, Ballads and Musical, he is adept at helping his students excel in their singing. Started professional singing lessons at an early age, he has experienced a variety of milestones in his vocal development. As such, he is able to provide practical guidance to learners to take their vocal skills up another notch. 

Coach tara

Coach Tara is a highly skilled vocalist with an impressive performance background that encompasses a diverse range of musical genres. She has honed her craft from band gigs and choral concerts to solo/group busking and musical theatre productions. As one of the founding members of The Runaway Company, a music theatre start-up, she has gained valuable experience mentoring students at different vocal levels, guiding them towards success in both solo and ensemble performances. Having served as a vocalist and acting President of NUS Jazz Band, Tara is enthusiastic and patient to impart her knowledge to her students through the Vocal EXPRESSWAY® program. Above all, she derives immense joy from singing and is committed to sharing that passion with her students.

Coach Jenix

Coach Jenix boasts over 10 years of extensive performing experience in live music venues, weddings, and events, including renowned stages like The Esplanade and Chengdu Music Festival. Her diverse repertoire spans Xinyao, Douyin hits, mandopop, English, cantopop, and K-pop genres. A versatile artist skilled in guitar and vocals, she seamlessly transitions between solo acts and band setups. In addition to her performing career, Coach Jenix has dedicated over 5 years to music coaching at Hark Music, guiding students from beginners to accomplished performers. Her experience and commitment to music education continue to inspire the next generation of musicians.

Coach eric

Coach Eric is a highly talented and dynamic singer who has garnered many accolades from various singing competitions throughout the nation. Known for his soothing yet powerful vocals, he has also captivated audiences with his performances at live music establishments. His exceptional vocal range allows him to deliver an extensive song repertoire with ease. As a seasoned coach and experienced performer, Coach Eric possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise that enables him to bring out the best in his students. In particular, his credentials as a certified Vocal EXPRESSWAY® coach further solidify his ability to guide aspiring singers to new heights.

Coach Jeremy Teng

Coach Jeremy is no stranger to local and international singing contests since he first emerged as the Top 10 of Mediacorp’s Campus Superstar in 2009. He then ventured into J-Pop and became the first Asian champion of Nippon TV’s Nodojiman The World in 2014. Continuing with such accomplishments, he made several appearances across the regions, including Voice of China 中国好声音 where he won the Singapore auditions, Chinese Dream Show 中国梦想秀 in Hangzhou and Taiwan's Super Idol 超级偶像. With over 12 years of experience, Jeremy has been imparting his expertise to singing enthusiasts at the NUS premier Mandopop club, Voices and students of all backgrounds at Hark Music.

Coach alezander

Coach Alezander has an extensive background in coaching and performing in the music industry, spanning back to 2002. Over the course of 15 years, he has honed his skills as a versatile coach, capable of connecting with students of all age groups. In addition, he has graced many notable events such as Chinese New Year Specials, National Day Celebrations, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Live Mic at Chinatown Food Street. As a dedicated music educator, Coach Alexander is passionate about imparting his expertise to others, and he is frequently invited to serve as a judge for major events like the International School of Macao singing competition and the Singapore Polytechnic SP Idol competition.

Coach lydia

Coach Lydia is a highly dedicated and passionate coach whose fun-loving personality makes her a joy to work with. Through years of mentoring, Lydia has developed a keen ability to identify and address issues that students may be facing, and is adept at guiding learners of all ages and skill levels towards achieving their goals. With her certification in the EXPRESSWAY® coaching method, Lydia is well-equipped to help her students develop their singing abilities in a structured and effective manner. Whether working with beginners or advanced learners, Lydia brings a personalised approach to coaching that is tailored to the unique needs and goals of each individual.

Coach Cherry

Coach Cherry is a highly skilled singer with a remarkable voice that exudes both clarity and emotion. Over the course of her more than a decade career, she has garnered a wealth of experience in performing, having won numerous singing competitions and earning a reputation as a captivating and accomplished artist. Beyond that, she has also developed a talent for public speaking and has taken on the role of host at various corporate events. As an educator, Cherry's positive and vibrant personality allows her to effectively engage with learners of all ages, inspiring and motivating them to reach their full potential. Whether working with beginners or advanced students, she is committed to helping each learner develop their skills and achieve their goals.

Coach Denise

With an unwavering dedication to nurturing vocal excellence, Coach Denise meticulously tailors her instruction to foster growth at every level. As a Vocal EXPRESSWAY® certified coach, she seamlessly blends expertise with empathy, creating an environment where students feel not only supported but also inspired to reach their full potential. Her passion for music and infectious enthusiasm are evident in her electrifying performances, captivating audiences at numerous company events. If you seek a supportive and skilled coach to develop your vocal talents, Coach Denise stands as the ideal guide. With a wealth of knowledge and unwavering passion, she is poised to elevate your vocal artistry to new heights.

Coach Ryan

Coach Ryan is a highly experienced vocalist with a strong musical background, having honed his skills through performing in various local venues. He has a diverse musical background, having grown up singing in church and serving as a vocalist for the NUS Kent Ridge Hall Rockers during his university years. With extensive experience in various genres including gospel, R&B, pop, rock, choral music, a capella, and musical theater, Ryan is capable of meeting the diverse needs and styles of his students. As a certified Vocal EXPRESSWAY® coach, Ryan possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to elevate his students' musicality to new heights.

Coach anthony

Coach Anthony is an experienced performer with an upbeat and lively personality. He has entertained audiences at a variety of venues, from weddings to concerts and music cafes. His eclectic musical interests span multiple genres, including Mandopop, rock, and a cappella. As a former president of NUS premier Mandopop club, Voices, he honed his skills as a mentor and coach, developing a unique ability to work with students across diverse disciplines. He now aspires to share his expertise with a broader audience, particularly Hark students, by incorporating his knowledge of Vocal EXPRESSWAY®. Through his engaging and dynamic approach to teaching, Coach Anthony aims to instill a love and appreciation for music in his students that will last a lifetime.

Coach Evelyn

Coach Evelyn has an outgoing personality which adds to the positive vibe she creates in her classes. She is well-known in creating a fun and encouraging environment that motivates her learners. As a performer, she has participated in various events such as New Year Countdown and various community events. As a Vocal EXPRESSWAY® coach, she is competent to incorporate different techniques to make her classes more engaging and beneficial for the learners. Her outgoing personality, combined with her passion for teaching, helps create an atmosphere of fun and encouragement, which allows students to progress at a steady pace.

Coach Joyce

Coach Joyce, a coach known for her infectious joy and empathetic nature, is dedicated to meeting your singing and performing needs. She embarked on her singing journey at the age of 13, showcasing her talent at both local and international stages such as the World Choir Games in Tshwane and the Esplanade. As a former president of Resonance, NUS premier a cappella club, she is passionate about guiding students in vocals and leadership. In addition, Coach Joyce holds impressive qualifications of an ABRSM Grade 8 in Piano performance and an RAD Grade 8 certification in Classical Ballet. As an accredited Vocal EXPRESSWAY®️ coach, Coach Joyce is dedicated to providing you with a safe and enjoyable learning environment where you can enhance your confidence while nurturing your love for singing.