Pupil PERsonnel Services


Harborfields Central School District is committed to providing programs and services to meet the individual needs of our students. Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) facilitates the provision of such programs and services with the goal of fostering growth and independence in the academic, social and emotional domains for students with unique needs. PPS oversees a variety of supports including the provision of special educational services for children from age 3 through 21, placements of students at BOCES and other approved out-of-district programs, coordination of homelessness, and Section 504 accommodations.  PPS coordinates with building administration, psychologists, classroom and special education teachers, speech and language therapists,  social workers, related service providers, guidance counselors, nurses, and you, the family, to assist your child. We strive to provide services in the least restrictive environment (LRE), in an inclusive setting whenever possible, and in a supportive and nurturing environment.  We recognize that all of our students are unique and offer a continuum of services and supports to help our students reach meaningful post-secondary outcomes. 

Meet our Team

Rose Scammell

Director of Pupil Personnel Services


Preschool - 12th grade  programming

Bethany Pokorny

Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services


6th - 12th grade programming

Melissa Basel

Special Education Chairperson


K - 5th grade programming

Heather Sansanelli PPS Senior Office Assistant

Dina Andrews PPS Senior Office Assistant

Linda DeFeo PPS Office Assistant K-5th grade 

Maria Christina Skevofilax PPS Office Assistant 6-12th grade

Krista McDonald PPS Office Assistant CPSE

Susan Hahn PPS Account Clerk

Susan DaMato PPS Part-time Office Assistant