Fostering Local Innovation

Micro-Kickstart Company

We find self-motivated people in a variety of fields and encourage them to leverage their skills to create their own businesses.  Our partners support and lean on each other to fill services that are lacking within Pontiac. 


We want to grow from within.  Supporting and highlight local products and services is essential in the success of the community. 
Filling local needs with local talent is what drives us.

Wing mural designed by Diaz Sign Art

Support Services

Business Management

People have aspirations of opening their own business, but don't know how or are scared to take the leap because they don't know how to "run" a business.  We make that a little easier by showing them the way and helping with day-to-day operations to  reduce operational stress.  The main goal is to get them off  the ground quicker and easier so they can focus on leveraging their skills to grow their business. 


We spread the word about how awesome our partners are at what they do.  We only work with crews that we trust to deliver our shared value of complete quality service.  We put our awesomeness together and lean on our in-house marketing machine that highlights individuals not the company and then give our partners a platform to participate at our community events. 

In-House Tech Team

These guys are dope!

Ask the right question and we'll find the solution.  Tech services range from network & hardware support, to Internet of Things (smart home)  technology, and everything in between.  But, if you have a unique idea that you need solutions--you're our niche because we love a challenge.

Call our team and we'll make it happen.