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 Design Your Own Custom Photonic Circuit

HPI's Proprietary Photonic Circuit CAD Program: "Axon Planner"

Electronics components have been at your fingertips for decades, and your only limitations have been physics and your imagination.

Now, we present photonics components, and a platform to create optical circuits. You can commission your own circuits that use light instead of electricity –and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. 

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So, just WHat is a Photonic circuit?

Any circuit that:


...just to name a few.  The optics and photonics industry is growing rapidly, and as cloud computing becomes more and more relevant to daily life, so will photonic circuits.  This is the next huge wave of technology.

Design Consulting

Our technicians, engineers, and business associates are ready to assist you with the design and integration phases of your photonic circuit! Even if you need help from the ground up.

Perfect if you: 

Optical Component Sourcing

Need to order optical components for your circuit?  We can totally help!  We have years of experience finding the best deals for the very best optical components between multiple retailers, and are ready to save you a fortune.

Perfect if you:

Photonic Products

Maybe you're more of an industrialist than a designer, and you want something that can make a difference *now*.  You got it. Here is our entire shop.


Our Industry Associates: