Gifted Education Parent Information

Students exhibiting outstanding intellectual and creative ability are supported through the Hanover Public School District’s Gifted Programming. With assistance from our Gifted Support Teachers, school wide screenings are conducted several times a year. Referrals for screening may be initiated by educators, parents, or students themselves.

A request to the building principal will begin the information gathering process, which includes the most recent performances of the student for the educational team. Students are required to have strong academic performance in the classroom. Student performances are then examined at the district level, the state level, and finally, at the national level in the areas of achievement and intellectual ability. A parent meeting will be held to further discuss the student’s strong academic and intellectual performance and to determine the best educational plan for continued academic growth.

Data that is compiled during school-wide screenings include:

    • Consistent report card grades in the Advanced range.

    • Consistent performances on district assessments in the top 10% at the district level.

    • PSSA performances in the top 10% at the state level.

    • High performances on standardized cognitive assessments.

Gifted Support Teachers:

Mrs. Stacey Wuchenich services the elementary buildings.

Mrs. Sara Myers services Hanover Middle School.

Mr. David Harnish services Hanover High School.

Mrs. Tina Wetzel is our school Psychologist who administers assessments for students believed to be in need of gifted services.


For Information regarding your child's gifted programming, please contact Dr. Susan Seiple

For Information regarding gifted screening and assessment, please contact the building principal or Mrs. Lisa Jackson, Director of Special Education,