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I will update daily with YouTube Videos, Art History slides, and art projects you can do from home. I will even share YOUR work here!

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Garbage as Art YouTube Video (3 mins)

Artwork of the Day

April 1, 2020

Happy April Fools Day!

Much of the art we look at for April will be made from recycled supplies.

Michelle Reader is an artist who reuses 'trash' to create unique art. This art work is called Bellyful of Plastic (from 2016). Lots of plastic trash has been found polluting the ocean. Do you think the name "Bellyful of Plastic" has something to do with that? What is the artist's message?

Art Challenge

Capital Letter Pointillism

Draw your first letter of your name very lightly with a pencil. Make sure it's REALLY LARGE AND FILLS UP YOUR PAGE. Copy the lines on either side of your letter so it gets bigger and thicker. Pick a marker, crayon, or use your pencil, and 'dot' all inside the letter. Don't go on the outside! Be patient. When done, you should NOT be able to see the light lines you drew first, but only the DOTS.

Pointillism is a way of drawing or painting with dots. It was created by a group of French artists known as Impressionists in the 1880s

Color A Famous Artwork!

Directed Drawing & Printable Sheets

I'll change these out weekly! To go back to them when they've been switched out, visit the Directed Drawings Archive

Draw a Frog


Coloring Page

Draw a Bee


I Spy OuterSpace

ARTspiration Video

Coffee Filter Art!

Do you have an idea for an art project you'd like to share? Email me and let's do it!