Student Activities

HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America)

HOSA is an in-school club for eighth grade students taking Health and Medical Sciences STEM. HOSA promotes student leadership, community service activities and demonstration of medical knowledge through HOSA competitions.

Sponsor: D. Gerbing, RN

Green Team

This includes attending monthly meetings, joining brief in-school sessions, and

participating in Green Team sponsored activities like school-wide recycling.

Sponsor: Mrs. Tharpe

Art Club

Sponsors: Ms. Muise & Mr. Reece

City 2 City Club

Sponsor: Ms. Erickson

History Club

Sponsor: Ms. O'Hanlon & Mr. Ritter

History club is intended to bring history to life while at the same time allowing students to learn about historical events that they may not have the opportunity to discuss in their classes. The club promotes good citizenship, education, and a love of history. A goal of history club is to encourage students of diverse backgrounds and varying abilities to gain or maintain a genuine interest in history.

Yoga Club

This club is for 6-8 grade students only to learn and practice yoga.

Sponsor: Ms. Waff

Student Council Association

The Phenix SCA is a group of highly motivated students in grades 4-8 that work together as leaders in the school to make Phenix and the surrounding community a better place. Students must apply and be elected by the Phenix student body to serve with the Student Council Association. This year the Phenix SCA will work collaboratively with the Bethel High School SCA on special service projects such as the Crawling Crab 5K in the Fall and a Teacher Appreciation Craft in the Spring.

Sponsor: Ms. O'Hanlon

Odyssey of the Mind

Students in grades 4 and 5 work together to creatively and humorously solve a "problem." They then go to a competition to present their solution in the Spring. Students also compete in a "Spontaneous" category where they must think on their feet and answer questions demonstrating creativity and humor.

Sponsor: Mrs. Worrell

Future Teachers of America

FTA will inform students about the possible career choice of being an Educator. The club will work with the community, have guest speakers, volunteer with classroom teachers and host special events. The club meet on Wednesdays, 2-3 times a month, and is open to 5-8th graders.

Club Sponsor: Mrs. Marcia Lewis

Newspaper Club:

Sponsor: Ms. Waff

National Junior Honor Society

Students who earn Honor roll for the first three nine weeks are eligible to be inducted into the NJHS. The group completes service projects through out the year like Adopt-A-Spot and collecting change for CHKD. Be on the look out for great students in action!

Sponsor: Mrs. Pace

Drama Club

Grades 6 - 8

Drama Club meets every other Wednesday 2:19-3:30

Sponsor: Mrs. Pace

Student Newspaper

Sponsor: Ms. Waff

Basketball Team:

Phenix has 3 basketball teams (Juniors, Intermediates, & Girls). Tryouts are held in November and team play begins in December each year.

Sponsor: Mr. Baker

History club:

Sponsor: Ms. O'Hanlon and Mr. Ritter