Mac Tips and Tricks

You MUST complete BOTH sections: Mac Tips and Tricks AND Chrome Extensions and Apps to get full credit.

Mac Tips and Tricks

Many staff members new to Hampton City Schools have never or infrequently used MacBooks before. Sometimes you may get frustrated with this new operating system. This module will walk you through getting to know your Mac.

Task: Explore the Mac Interface (the virtual desktop, the icons, the navigation...). Click here.

Task: Study this presentation. Follow the links to learn more.

Oh, the Things Your Mac Can Do For You!

Task: Take a screenshot of how you applied what you learned from this lesson. Upload your screenshot to Google Drive and share with "HCS employees with the link". (For help on taking a screenshot, click here.)

Chrome Apps and Extensions

Google Chrome Store is Google's online store for web applications for Google Chrome or Google apps. The software allows users to install and run web applications for the Google Chrome browser.

Some very useful extensions are:

Chrome Extensions and Apps


Find one or two extensions or apps from the Chrome Store and install them/add them. You'll find the Chrome Store in your App Launcher on your Chrome browser's bookmark bar or by going directly to the Chrome Store. Take a screenshot of your Chrome apps and upload to your Drive (share "HCS employees with the link"). (For help on taking a screenshot, click here.)

To earn professional development points, submit your work here.