Student Achievement/Engagement

What is it?

A Chromebook is a laptop computer with a Chrome operating system. All HCS students, grades 5-12, will be issued a Chromebook at the beginning of the school year. Exceptionally easy to use, deploy, and manage, they make integrating GSuite for Education tools simple.

The Lenovo e300 is issued to high school students and the Lenovo N23 Yoga has been issued to middle school students and 5th graders.

Chromebook Lenovo N22
Chromebook N23 Yoga

How does it work?

Google has an amazing training course for Chromebooks. Sign in with your single sign on username and password, work through the course, take the quizzes, then take the Unit Test. Once you have scored 7 out of 7, take a screenshot. This will go into a Google Form later to earn your points.

Need help taking a screenshot? Go to our FAQ page.

Link to Google's Chromebook Course

How does the Chromebook 1:1 program work in Hampton City Schools?

Great question! We'll cover exactly how to handle work orders, request apps, and plan for the transition from iPads to Chromebooks.

HCS 1:1 Program (Chromebooks)

Create your Tech Expectations

Create a Google Doc (or infographics with Drawings or Canva, etc) with your expectations for appropriate device usage, procedures, and rules & consequences. You may want three separate files or one file with three sections. Be specific. You will use these in September.

You will need to change the share settings to Anyone in HCS with the link can view. You will upload this or paste the link in the Google Form to earn your points.

Things to consider:

  • How do you want students to do bell ringer/hook/warm-up? With a device or not? If not, be explicit with your expectations that devices will remain closed until told to open them.
  • Will you use an online portal for assignments (Google Classroom, for example)? Is homework to be turned in by class time? What will happen if the assignment is late?
  • Will you hold online discussions? What are your expectations for proper behavior? What consequences will you impose for inappropriate posts?
  • Will you work with your grade level team to create a consistent policy? How will you monitor that? What about your school?
  • How will you manage device usage throughout the class period when students are not directly told to use devices?
  • Where can students find your expectations/rules/procedures? How can you ensure your students understand them? How can you use technology to review the rules? (Think Kahoot, Quizizz, Google Forms, have the students make their own posters)
  • What about charging devices? How will you convey the importance of arriving with a fully charged device? What will you do when a student arrives with a dead battery?
  • How will you encourage students to bring devices to school/class? Positive reinforcements? Describe.

Try it yourself!

Use your Chromebook this summer to get used to how it works. Work through the hiccups so you will be able to more confidently help your students in September.

How do I earn points?

Now it's time for you to turn in your work to earn your points. Remember, Google files must be shared with Anyone in HCS with the link so that we may review your work. Other files, like pdfs or images, may be uploaded in the Google Form.

Things to complete:

1. Chromebook Course screenshot (7 out of 7 correct).

2. HCS Chromebook Program Quiz (nothing to turn in, we get the results)

3. Tech Expectations, Procedures, and Rules (we may return with feedback to fine tune; we want you to be ready when you walk into your class for the new year!)

Once everything is completed, we will award you up to 20 professional development points in MyLearningPlan in May 2019.