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This site will cover information regarding March 2023 Warrant Article #2
Hampstead Central School (HCS) Addition and Bond

As of December, 2022 our architects have updated project renderings. 
Final plans which may vary from the concept renderings below. 

Renovation Priorities:

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Hampstead Central School view from Emerson Ave. where main entrance is currently situated

Hampstead Central School view from parking lot where main entrance is currently located

Hampstead Central School New Main Office (1st Floor) Interior Plans 

Hampstead Central School New Library Media Center (2nd Floor) Interior Plans 

Hampstead Central School view from rear parking lot / drop off loop 

Hampstead Central School Classroom Addition (1st Floor) Behind 60's Wing 

Hampstead Central School Classroom Addition (2nd Floor) Behind 60's Wing 

Key needs of the school and proposed solutions

Warrant Article #2

Key Need: More classrooms for a student population that is expected to grow in the coming years. Remove the need to take over other learning areas such as the art room to support additional grade level classrooms.

Solution: Four new classrooms to be added.  The current library space will be converted to classroom space.

Key Need:  More efficient entryway and hallways to allow students to travel the school between classes without being chaperoned.

Solution: A more efficient entryway will direct the flow of visitors, move the nurse’s suite from the back of the building to the front, and open the hallways and stairways to allow students to walk to their classes without needing to be chaperoned.

Key Need:  An undersized 60's wing stairwell is dangerous during emergency evacuations.  First responders are not able to ascend the stairwell when students or other emergency personnel are descending the stairs.  In the event other stairwells are not available, the existing stairwell could serve as egress for 16 classrooms on the second floor.   

Solution: Creation of a new stairwell between the two proposed classrooms behind the 60's wing which will replace the existing undersized stairwell.  

Existing Site Overview

For Warrant Article #2, the addition will provide:

Pictures of Hampstead central school

ARTICLE #2 - Addition


Visitors walk through 4 sets of doors and a stairway in order to step foot into the administration area.  This stairwell is not passable by the children unless chaperoned making it very inefficient to travel to the cafeteria and gym or between the 1st and 2nd floors. 


Undersized stairwell which has been deemed as a one way from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor.


View of the Library from the entrance that has been reduced by more than half.


Pictures of the reduced space our kids now use for the library.

Nurses Station

Nurses office on opposite side of the school from the entrance.

Distance between the entrance of the building to the Nurses Office.