Fiscal Year 2022-23
Voter and Budget Information

School District Voter Information & Budget

Below are links to 2022-23 Sample Ballot, Public Hearing & Voting Calendar, the School District Warrant, Warrant Article detail (where applicable), Budget detail, and Voting Results.

2022-2023 VOTED Budget Detail by Function

March, 2022 Hampstead School District Voting Results

Sample Ballot - Hampstead School District 2022

Voting Calendar (including Public Hearing & Deliberative Session)

Hampstead School District Annual Report 2021 (please note, page 20 originally showed the voting date as March 9, 2021. The voting date is in fact March 8, 2022.)

Deliberative Session - Materials and Information (2/8/2022)

Public Hearing - Materials and Information (1/11/2022)

2022 Warrant Only.pdf