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2017 - 2018 Technology Integration Resources

  1. 2017 - 2018 Technology Integration
  2. BYOD or Bust Presentation
  3. Chromebook Tips
  • Includes Novell Filr, Extensions for MS Office, and Google Cloud Print

Technology Integration list of apps and other resources to use in the classroom.

  • This includes all school subscriptions.

Instructional Technology Integration

  1. Teacher Accountability Documentation
  2. Assignments for NJTAPIN
  3. Student Account Information Template
  4. Student GAFE Login Information Sheet
  5. Google Drive for Student Files and Folder Management

2014 NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards for Technology

8.1 Educational Technology

All students will use digital tools to access, manage, evaluate, and synthesize information in order to solve problems individually and collaborate and to create and communicate knowledge.

8.2 Technology Education Engineering and Design

All students will develop an understanding of the nature and impact of technology, engineering, technological design, computational thinking and the designed world as they relate to the individual, global society, and the environment.

Screen casts and Playlists