Birthday Book Club

What is the Birthday Book Club?

What is the Friendship Birthday Book Club?

This program allows parents to make a donation to the school library in honor of their child's birthday. The book chosen lets the child to be the first to check it out! For more information, please contact the Friendship Learning Commons.

How can I sign up my child for the Friendship Birthday Book Club?

Sign-up sheets are located in the media center. Simply fill out the sign-up sheet, place it in an envelope with a check or cash for $10.00 for each child, and send the envelope to the learning commons. Please mark the outside, "Birthday Book Club." Your child will be called to the learning commons to choose a book.

We will take his/her picture and place it inside the book with their first name.

Can I celebrate other events?

Certainly! Any event can be celebrated with a special book. Just send in the information with the Birthday Book Club sign-up sheet.

I'd like to honor my child's teacher. Can I do that through the Birthday Book Club?

Of course! Again, send in the information about the teacher and what you'd like included in the book. If you would like to choose the book yourself, please let me know in advance and I will suggest a time we can get together to make that choice.

How do you chose the books for the club?

I try to include a variety of genres. All books are hard cover, new books. Often, I will chose books which have just been published, award-winning books such as the Newbery or Caldecott Award, books tied to the curriculum, and books which I believe are of high interest to children.

Can I make recommendations for books?

I will always accept suggestions! Sometimes parents come across books which I have not seen and often I will incorporate those books into the collection.

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