Lizzy Haddon
5th Grade

School Supplies: Each day, all students should bring their charged Chromebook, snack, water bottle, and lunch (if not buying). Students should also bring a towel/blanket to sit on during snack/lunch, which can be left at school. Students should also bring all supplies listed on Mr. B's School Supply List (the last page is 5th grade).

General: Students should use their RED folder as their HW folder. This year we are also color-coding the subjects Reading (blue), Math (green), and Writing (yellow) to help with organization. The folders/notebooks for other subject areas can be your choice.

Students will also need a folder for Spanish/Health (one half will be designated for each).

Please ask all general questions to homeroom teacher, and subject-specific questions to the teacher of that subject.

Reading: Students will use a folder and notebook regularly during Reading class. Students will also always have an independent reading book available (which can be brought from home, from the school or public library, or from our classroom library), and will have a Book Club book during some of our units.

Math: Students will use a folder and spiral notebook in Math class. Students will also use workbooks (Volumes 1 and 2), and will be given a HomeLinks book which should be kept at home. Students will also have hardcover Student Reference Books.

Writing: Students will use a folder and notebook throughout Writing class.

Science: Students will use a notebook in Science class, as well as a text book at times.

Social Studies: Students will receive a Social Studies Textbook, which is also available online. Students will also receive a Social Studies Student Workbook.

Word Study: Students will use a notebook during Word Study. Students may also receive a student workbook.