Welcome to the Art Room!

Students at Central Elementary School and J. F. Tatem Elementary School in Haddonfield New Jersey love learning and exploring through Art!

The Haddonfield Public School's visual arts curriculum is designed as a continuum from pre-kindergarten through the twelfth grade building creativity, self-expression, intuitive thought and visual literacy. They seek to offer student sustained practice in problem solving familiarity, encourage risk-taking, experimentation empowering students and fostering critical thinking across a range of disciplines.

The Haddonfield Art Department wants students, in their enduring futures, to see the relevance and critical nature of the making process. Haddonfield Art Educators vision is to offer students a diverse curriculum that will give students opportunities to develop their artistic potential and socioemotional well-being, as well as their interest in art. Through flexibility and encouragement as well as careful attention to criteria in the classical approach to Art Education, we offer our students opportunities to find their creative power. In nurturing the imagination of our students, we are simultaneously fostering their cognitive development. Yet, art experiences reach far beyond cognitive growth. We want students to create work which speaks of their personal voice. We want to become The Art Program reputable for being able reaching into the heart of our students and helping them develop their spirit of creativity which inevitably befalls into their character, thus impacting their connections with the world.