[Improving your Powder Coating hardware]

We improve your powder coating processes by redesigning your consumables


Process specific parts. 

We design improved replacement parts, or new process specific parts to improve your powder coating process.
By using 3D-printing and a whole range of materials, we design parts that are suited for your production process.
We can improve the operating time of consumables, we can design  the "powder cone", we can reduce the price of your consumables, ....

All used materials and design features are tested in production.

Corner nozzle

Serviceable corner nozzles, custom-made for your process.

Robot Gun

Specialised twin gun for Robot powder coating applications

( ABB all types )

Fluïdbed pad

Improve fluidization, and faster color change.


Better custom venturi for your system. Powder dependent, air flow dependent, chain speed dependent.


Improved design for a better powder cone.

Replacement parts

Expensive or hard to find replacement parts

Questions ?

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