Building Needs

This effort is part of a long-range facilities plan that includes other upgrades that will be addressed through capital reserve funds. But despite yearly budgeting for ongoing maintenance, like with many other districts across the State, the needs of school facilities in Hackensack are far too great to address without additional funding. Below are the needs that have been identified for each school that will be addressed through this project.

Long-Term Facility Needs

Elementary Schools

Jackson Avenue School

    • Music space
    • Classrooms
    • Parking
    • Drop off area

Fairmount School

    • Parking
    • Drop off area
    • Playground
    • Classrooms
    • Air conditioning

Nellie K. Parker School

    • Parking
    • Drop off area
    • Security concerns

Fanny M. Hillers School

    • Parking
    • Drop off area
    • Classrooms
    • Air conditioning

Middle and High School

Middle School

    • Outdoor space
    • Gym space
    • Cafeteria space
    • Classrooms
    • Air conditioning
    • Roof issues
    • Windows issues
    • Space for extracurricular activities

High School

    • Space for sports
    • Roof
    • Windows
    • Gyms
    • Air conditioning

Why Not ECDC?

  • Not enough space
  • Cost of rent and maintenance
  • Need for full-day Pre-K
  • No playground
  • May require transportation/busing due to location

Projected School Enrollment Increases

Overall Plan

Address current and projected enrollment/capacity needs

  • Elementary’s: PK-2 (current PK-4)
  • Middle School: Gr. 3-6 (current 5-8)
  • Create a new Gr 7-9 School
  • High School: Gr 10-12 (current 9-12)

Alterations, Renovations and Upgrades to existing schools