Makey Makey 1 Hour Workshop

Once upon a time...

They fell madly in love...

Cartoon Ring

...and got engaged.

Sketch It, Play It with Scratch

Scratch Code Example

Make Your Character Interactive: Move your character across the screen using your Makey Makey

They began to plan the perfect wedding.

Runaway Bride Gif

But someone got cold feet...

Test out the party favors at your table to determine:

What's conductive? What's not?

Sketch It, Play It

But those cold feet soon grew warm with love...

Makey Makey as Bride, Scratch Cat as groom wedding gif

and the BIG DAY soon arrived!

Connect a Switch and use with Flappy Bird

Make a Switch

Play CubeSlam with Two Switches

Experiment with Switches on your own!

Vows were exchanged. The sun was shining. Birds were chirping.

beach scene

The happy couple soon set off on their honeymoon


Floor Piano

Design Challenge: Bring your Creativity to Life!

Need Inspiration? Try Think, Make, Innovate Design Cards

And, of course, lived happily ever after!