MS Office Program for Students

  1. We will guide you through the installation process :
    1. Use a web browser of your choice, and go to
    2. Proceed to login with the username and password as stated (password is NOT SAME as when you login to chromebook at school!!!);
  • Type in the following information:
      • For the username, type in your first initial, first 3 letters of your last name, then the last four digits of your student id #, then after that information, type ""
      • For the password, type in: gusd{6 digit student ID }!
      • Example: For a Student named John Doe and an id of 123456, it would look like this:
      • Username: "" Password: "gusd123456!"
      • Make sure to remember the exclamation mark at the end of the password
    1. You will now be greeted by a screen that looks like the one below(there will be no arrows)
    2. Click on the gear icon (arrow 1)
    3. Click "Office 365" at the bottom (arrow 2)
    4. On The Sidebar, click on "My Account," then go to manage installs.
    5. Finally, click on,"Install Desktop Applications"
    6. Make sure to download the 64 bit version if your computer is operating on 64 bit

You're all set!

Here's the video tutorial for getting Microsoft Office for free!