Guruji Home Satsang Format & Guideline



Sangat organizing the Satsang may serve light Snacks Prasad (after Guruji’s Bhog) if they wish to. The only request is to keep it very simple and light so that the Divine Langar Prasad can be enjoyed afterward.

Jal Prasad to be served to all Sangat at the entrance of Satsang Venue on arrival and Chai Prasad and Snack Prasad to be served only for 1 hour (that is 30 minutes after the Satsang starts and it should finish 30 minutes before the Satsang finishes). This too shall only be done within the intervals of 15 minutes (should not exceed more than 4 times during the Satsang) to avoid any disruptions in our Sangat getting connected to our beloved Guruji.


Shabad Gurbani should be played for 1-1\2 (90 Minutes) to 2 hours (120 Minutes) Including Mantra Jaap and Aarti. Everyone is requested to include most of the Shabads from Gurbani along with at least one Gurbani with Vyakhya so that Guruji’s messages can be effectively conveyed to the Sangat. Please do not chant Shabads loudly as it can disturb Sangat sitting next to you.

Links to a partial list of Shabads played in Guruji’s Darbar is included at the end of this page for reference.


Please note that couples/family members don’t need to do Guruji’s Aarti together. This will help avoid disruptions in case family members are not sitting together. Everyone receives equal blessings irrespective of who you do the Aarti with. It is recommended that the family organizing the Satsang should start Guruji’s Aarti followed by the elders and others. If there is a large number of Sangat, you can also stand where you are and do Guruji’s Aarti. The Aarti to be played will be– “Shivji Ki Aarti” (5 minutes).


Kada Prasad to be served after Satsang sharing. It is preferred to give it in hands. However, In the case of a high number of Sangat, it can also be served in plates along with Guruji’s Langar Prasad.


To maintain their connection with our Guruji, all Sangat is encouraged to chant Guruji’s Mantra Jaap along with the recording which is played (recording will be played to maintain consistency).


Guruji always encouraged his Sangat to share their personal experiences with everyone on how he has blessed him/her. Hence, it is highly recommended that whoever is sharing Satsang sticks to their experiences in short and does not get carried away by giving long lectures. This will allow the entire Sangat to get connected to our Guruji in their way and give equal chance to all to share their Satsangs as well. In instances where Satsang sharing exceeds 30 minutes, we should start serving the Langar Prasad alongside Satsang sharing.


1.   The use of Mobile Phones is strictly not allowed in the Satsang Hall, not even to take pictures. If you wish to take any pictures or take a call, you must step out of the Satsang Hall. If you wish to take pictures of the Darbar, you may do that after having the Langar Prasad ensuring minimum disturbances as Guruji is sitting in the Darbar.

2. Sangat with young kids are requested to sit at the back of the Satsang Hall, so they can take care of the kids in an efficient manner without much disturbance in the Hall.

3. All Sangat is requested to take ‘Aagya’ from Guruji and leave immediately after having Langar Prasad. We believe that Guruji is present in the Satsang Hall right from the start till the end, hence we should all refrain from talking and chatting in the Hall. Should you wish to talk and socialize, you may do so outside the Venue.

4. Guruji always instructed his Sangat to go home directly after the Satsang so in case you are dropping someone on the way, please do it outside their house and then head straight to your home.

5. Please refrain all children below 12 years of age to do any ‘Sewa’ at the Satsang as Guruji never encouraged this. If children above the age of 12 wish to do any ‘Sewa’, they should be encouraged to do it only within the Satsang Hall, and strictly not in the kitchen area.

6. It is also integral to look for Health and Safety aspects. Please do not use wax candles excessively and ensure that they are safe and stable especially for people coming to Bow down and for Bhog etc.

7. All Sangat is encouraged to sit in rows after bowing their heads in front of our Guruji.

8. Please refrain from searching your friends/family members and moving around as this disrupts the Satsang Hall. Whoever comes late should ideally take a seat in the last row so that the Sewadars can serve Prasad in an orderly manner.

9. Sewa for each Satsang is distributed beforehand using the links provided in the invite. Everyone is requested to provide your “Expression of Interest” for Sewa as per your availability before the Satsang, we should not stand up in between the Satsang for Sewa. This ensures minimum disruption during the Satsang so that the Sangat can connect to our Guruji in a quiet environment. Also, if you are doing any Sewa, you are expected to arrive at the venue 30 minutes before the start of the Satsang, so that everyone can coordinate and distribute their Sewa accordingly.

Hosts - Follow these rules religiously

1. First of all, the host should analyze if he/she is ready to host a Sangat. This is because Guruji’s Satsang is very different from a normal chowki, kirtan, Jagran, or Sai Sandhya. Guruji’s Satsang is more disciplined and needs more attention to the details.  Our advice would be to attend 5-6 satsangs and observe everything before hosting one.

2. Hosting a Satsang is like a big party, a festival, a celebration because you are inviting Guruji to your place with Guruji’s pariwar. So, you should be very happy, excited, and welcoming!

3. The date and time you choose to host Satsang should be convenient for you and your whole family.

4. Try to keep light snacks for chai prasad i.e. one snack with tea (samosa or dhokla) and simple and light food for langar Prasad which means basic dal, sabzi, chapatti and one sweet. We understand its Guruji’s blessed food, however, everyone needs to finish as we cannot leave any leftovers and with too much food sometimes Sangat may struggle in finishing it.

5. The host should mainly focus on preparing the house to welcome Guruji, decorating Guruji's darbar, and preparing his comfortable singhasan. You can use any Chunni is for decorations, mostly Chola is shared with the Sangat. Use flowers, Dias, candles, or any other economical items for decorations. For ideas, you can look at our Facebook groups. Decorate it with your love for Guruji along with Shradha and shukrana. MOST IMPORTANTLY REMEMBER THAT ON THE SATSANG DAY, YOUR HOUSE IS NOT YOUR HOUSE IT IS GURUJI’s HOUSE

6. The host should keep minimum langar sewa for him/herself, i.e. chai prasad, or Kada prasad rice for kids, napkins, plates, glasses.  Major langar cooking sewa should be given to other Sangat so that you can focus on other items mentioned above. You may not have the time and capacity to do everything yourself, so don’t overload yourself. Try serving Guruji only homemade langar prasad, only tea snacks or sweets should be bought from outside as homemade langar is prepared with shraddha and love. One must make chai Prasad or langar Prasad with bhav. If it is cooked by aunties, while listening to Gurbani, it will have its grace and divine powers. Please add appropriate sugar to chai Prasad. In chai, Prasad sugar should be light and it should be with elaichi flavor. Everything should be done with bhav. Jai Guruji.

7. If you are inviting guests, please inform them firmly to come on time and inform them that their mobiles should be off or on silent mode. They should maintain noble silence and should finish Jal prasad, chai prasad, and langar Prasad.

8. The guests should not bring any food items with them to distribute, if they still bring and you want to serve please do not make it part of the pre-decided langar. You can serve it later by asking everyone if they want that additional item? However, it should be discouraged.

9. The host should keep in mind that prasad should be in the limit which can be easily finished by Sangat.

10. The host should maintain the DISCIPLINE about timings, the revered JOT should be lighted in time. If it is 7.00, it should be 7.00. It is believed that Guruji attends every Satsang, and is there at the designated time. Even if all family members are not present, never mind. Anyone among Sangat who is present at that time can light.

11. Please do not disturb the AKHAND JYOT by checking the oil in it again and again. Please make jot by keeping 2-3 hrs in mind. Place that much oil in the jot so that it remains lit for that much time.

12. Guruji should be offered Jal prasad and then Chai prasad with covered heads. Guruji's steel utensils should be cleaned and ready before the Satsang starts. Please do not serve Guruji's bhog in disposable.

11. The host should finish all the chores and distribute sewas in such a way that there should be no hindrance while doing sewa, and the host can devote time with Guruji

12. The kitchen should be clean and all the things should be well set in the kitchen like sugar, milk, chai masala, and tea leaves. No sewadar should face any problem in doing sewa in your kitchen.

13. Bathrooms should be clean and there should be a pair of slippers, hand towels, tissues, and of course hand wash.

14. Sewas should be done in a very quiet manner by the Sangat or family members and not by servants.

15. If langar prasad sewa is done by the Sangat organizer, then they should make proper space in the kitchen for everything nicely. Alternatively, this responsibility can be given to Sangat as well.

16. If there is a Online Satsang, playlist will be played from the server. In case it is not an online satsang, please keep a playlist of what you want to play ready. YouTube playlist with ads and pauses should be avoided as they create a lot of disruption.  It is very important to play shabads from Gurbani during two hrs of Satsang and not any bhajans of your choice, as Guruji always said that, there is nothing more pure on earth than Gurbani, you will only get your answers by listening to the shabads. You may play one bhajan in the end but we should follow religiously the way it is done in Bade Mandir.

17. After the Satsang finished, fold Chola and other accessories properly. Clean utensils and pack them properly. Ensure not to leave anything behind. Keep the package ready for the next Satsang. If any piece i.e. table cloth or thali cover got dirty, please clean it and iron it before packing.

Rules and Guidelines for Sangat

1.   Please try to reach on time during Satsang, try to reach 15 minutes before the Satsang.

2. Wish or greet the host only and only after the Satsang otherwise it can disturb the host along with the Sangat sitting next to the host.

3. The Sangat reaching late is requested to sit at the back and do not go near the darbar to bow your head, because that disturbs the people who are meditating and connecting with Guruji!

4. Please do not come again and again to pick up empty cups and plates, we have received feedback that Sangat gets disturbed and can not connect with Guruji due to the disturbance.

5. If you have not been assigned sewa to pick up cups please leave them there

6. If you are bringing children along, make sure they sit next to you and keep them busy and quiet.

7. Whoever uses the washroom must maintain cleanliness. Yeh Bhi Ek Sewa Hai DUSRAE Ko Karni Parti Hai

8. Please do not start packing the leftover langar prasad unless the host offers it to you.

List of Shabads from Rma Behl Aunty

She spent her good time in Guruji’s mandir since 1985 and has a list of Shabad in Guruji’s handwriting which were asked of her to be purchased for the mandir.

The following is the incomplete list of the shabads heard in the very presence of Guruji-sung by various raagis. These are most meaningful, you will find them in Rma Behl Aunty's YouTube Channel.

List of Shabads can be seen here-