UNESCO Futures of Education Initiative:
Zero Water Day Partnership

Transforming our world: Children's voices for 2050

4 November 2021 – 9.00–17.00 (Glasgow time)

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Dear Mountain Partnership members and friends,

On 4 November 2021 in the margins of the UNFCCC COP26, the Zero Water Day Partnership will host the event “Transforming our world: Children's voices for 2050” as part of a three-day workshop on sustainability in health and education. The event will focus on empowering children and youth through education to be the main actors of change in addressing climate change, especially regarding their role in water and mountain ecosystem conservation.

Sessions will highlight opportunities to rethink mountain tourism and its impact on natural resources and livelihoods, to harness it towards a more resilient, green and inclusive future. It will draw from local government experiences in coordinating action on climate change that engages and empowers schools, communities, key actors and groups.

The final session will present a call to action “Mountains: the water towers of our world – Children’s call to action to protect mountain areas against the impacts of climate change”, promoted by the Zero Water Day Partnership with support from the Mountain Partnership. The call to action raises the voices of children - the future custodians of mountains - who call upon governments and the organizers of the UNFCCC COP 26 to urgently address education on mountains, awareness on mountains as water towers, and to tap into sustainable mountain tourism's potential.

We invite you to add your name to the call to action to show your support for this initiative and the voices of children around the world, their hopes, dreams and ideas for the future. All are welcome to support, including governments, organizations and individuals.

For more information about the event, see the programme and click here to register (select Day 3, 4 November). If you have any questions, please contact julian.fisher@zerowaterday.org.

Best regards,

The Mountain Partnership Secretariat


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Gunnison Watershed

The headwaters of the Gunnison River is a water tower of the world, contributing to the Colorado River Basin and providing water for the southwestern United States and Mexico. The Gunnison Watershed School District is honored to represent our region in this project.

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Look for 6 interpretive signs along the Van Tuyl trail this fall. Designed by GMS 7th graders with the support of GHS students and local partnerships, the water walk begins the story of water in the Gunnison Valley and highlights the importance of mountains as water towers of the world.