UNESCO Futures of Education Initiative:
Zero Water Day Partnership


We are reimagining how learning can influence human and global systems through guided support and international collaboration from UNESCO's Futures of Education Initiative. Students participated in the University of Glasgow's Sattellite Conference for COP26.

Gunnison Watershed

The headwaters of the Gunnison River is a water tower of the world, contributing to the Colorado River Basin and providing water for the southwestern United States and Mexico. The Gunnison Watershed School District is honored to represent our region in this project.

Gunnison River Watershed USGS

Educational Videos

Cape Town Water Crisis, South Africa
Day Zero

World Water Crisis

Coming Soon!

Gunnison Middle School

Water Walk

Look for 6 interpretive signs along the Van Tuyl trail this fall. Designed by GMS 7th graders with the support of GHS students and local partnerships, the water walk begins the story of water in the Gunnison Valley and highlights the importance of mountains as water towers of the world.