CTSO (Career and Technical Student organization) & Work based learning

Students have the opportunity to join our CTSO

(Career and Technical Student Organization) We call it a chapter

Membership is required for 3-4 students, but students in my 1-2 are also welcomed to join.

The members of this co-curricular chapter participate in activities to enhance their experience in the class, and out of class by gaining an understanding of the industry. Students compete in national competitions, work events run by our sponsors, volunteer to serve at district events, and run a business throughout the year; all in which is aligned to the curriculum taught in daily lessons. The skills learned brings employment opportunities, and industry connections. Hospitality and Tourism opportunities are everywhere which is why at Apollo, our state and district standards align to real world scenarios that have been proven successful in helping

to foster career potential for the students' future.

Jocelyne was a top 10 state junior winner in the CCAP competition! She had to have a perfect french omelet made in 20 min, and a cucumber ring mold salad!