WHHS Senior Chromebooks

Important Dates & Quick Links

  • Tuesday, 5/22/18 = Senior Chromebook Purchasing with English (Brent & Peterson)
  • Wednesday, 5/23/18 = Senior Chromebook Purchasing with English (McLaughlin & Liddell)
  • Thursday, 5/24/18 = Senior Chromebook Purchasing with English (Romanowski & Rutledge)
  • Friday, 5/25/18 = Senior Chromebook Purchasing Make-Up Day (on your own time)
  • Wednesday, 5/30/18 = Last day for seniors to either purchase or return Chromebooks

  • DESTINY - Log into Destiny to check your fines & what school items you have checked out.
  • Destiny Login Help - Not sure how to log into Destiny? Check out this help!
  • Google Takeout - Transfer content from your @guhsd.net account before July 31st!

Any questions or special circumstances? Talk to Ms. Sannwald in the library for help.

Chromebook Purchase Information & Agreement

  • Seniors should receive a paper copy of the 1-page purchase information & agreement (embedded and linked below) in their English class.
  • ALL seniors should sign and return the bottom "Chromebook Purchase Agreement" portion to their English teacher.
GUHSD Senior Chromebooks - Purchase Form

All Seniors! Transfer your work!

Attention Seniors! Don't lose your work!

  • Your @guhsd.net Google accounts (Gmail, Docs, etc.) will be disabled July 31st!
  • This applies whether or not you choose to buy your Chromebook.
  • Transfer your hard work to a personal @gmail.com account before it's gone.
  • Start by making sure you have a personal @gmail.com account.
  • See the links below for help:

Why bother?!?

  • Celebrate the work you have accomplished while you at West Hills!
  • You may find it helpful to reference work when continuing your education.
  • Your work may be helpful to share for future employment options.
  • When you're older, you may want to reminisce by reviewing your old work.

After Purchasing, Before Graduation

  • When you purchase your Chromebook, you will receive a receipt and a "Golden Ticket" instruction paper. Keep this somewhere safe! If you happen to lose the instructions, you may reference the instructions below.
  • While school is in session, continue to use your Chromebook like you normally do. Your Chromebook will only be "unlocked" after graduation, when you no longer need to connect to the school network.
  • The unlock requires GUHSD technical services to systematically release purchased Chromebooks remotely. We recommend allowing them 1 week to complete this process, but it may happen sooner - check your school email for notification.
  • After your Chromebook has been released by the district, simply follow the "Golden Ticket" instructions to refresh your Chromebook. After the refresh, log in using a regular Gmail account and you are all set!

Golden Ticket (unlocking your Chromebook after graduation)


  • Do NOT follow the "Golden Ticket" instructions unless you purchased your Chromebook. It only works for Chromebooks purchased through the formal process.
  • Do NOT follow the "Golden Ticket" instructions" until AFTER graduation. You should receive an email in your school account letting you know when it's okay.