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Chromebooks for all students

The device selected for the GUHSD FutureForward Program is a Chromebook. A Chromebook is a laptop that only runs the Internet through the Chrome browser. It has a long battery life and comes with a sturdy case. Additionally, this device integrates seamlessly with GUHSD’s primary productivity toolset, Google Apps for Education, and numerous other web-based tools. Although the Chromebook is meant to be used in an online platform, it does have off­line capabilities and internal storage.

Just like a textbook, these devices will become essential parts of the classroom experience at Valhalla High School. Students are responsible for bringing their Chromebook to and from school and ensuring that it is fully charged each day. 

Responsible Use Policy

The RUP packet includes the RUP agreement form, the Cox to Connect information about low cost Internet service for low income families, and the Chromebook Protection Plan (Insurance) paperwork. 

Please note:  All students/parents/guardians who checked the RUP box during registration have electronically signed the RUP agreement form.

RUP Agreement Form 

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Cox to Connect Information

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Chromebook Protection Plan Overview

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Chromebook Protection Plan Form

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Where do I go for Chromebook help?

Contact the VHS Library if you need a repair, have application problems, or have any questions or concerns. 

What are the fines for Chromebook loss or damage? 

The fines related to Chromebooks reflect the cost to replace or repair. The fines are subject to increase or decrease based on the actual costs. 

What if someone else damaged my Chromebook?

Ultimately, you are responsible for your Chromebook. Any damage/loss to your Chromebook will be charged to your account. If you have purchased Chromebook insurance, damage is covered under your Protection Plan and includes damage to your Chromebook. 

Can I buy insurance to cover possible loss or damage? 

Yes. You can buy insurance up through September 18. If you are a new VHS student, you can buy insurance for the 30 days after you started school.  This year, Chromebook insurance will be sold on the ASB WebStore. Once you have purchased it, you can verify your purchase on Destiny (see below). 

Chromebook Protection Plan Overview

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Chromebook Protection Plan Order Form

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Not sure if you have insurance? 

Check your Destiny account on the Library Web site. 

Select Log In in the upper right hand corner

Select>Sign in with Google Account

Select>Valhalla High School

Click on>My Info tab to see your checkouts and fines. 

How can I protect my Chromebook from physical damage?

There are many common sense steps you can take to keep your Chromebook from being damaged.

GUHSD Future Forward 

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Senior 2024 Buying Chromebook Information


Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! We have been privileged to witness what you are able to create while you have been a student with us, and now as you plan to move on, we look forward to seeing what you create next. To support your new endeavors, we are offering you the opportunity to purchase your Chromebook for $20 to continue your formal and informal education. You must meet the following requirements:


Graduating Seniors Only: This offer is only available for graduating seniors.

All School Fines Cleared: All school fines in Destiny must be clear. To check your fine record:

Go to Destiny (

Click on Google Sign in button

Choose Valhalla High School

Click on My Info tab

Clearing School Fines: Pay via Cash or Card at the Finance Office during normal business hours. 

Assigned Chromebooks Only: You may only purchase the Chromebook and charger that have been checked out to you during your time in school. You may confirm that the physical “GUHSD Textbook” barcode labels match the “Copy” numbers listed under “Resources” in Destiny. If you exchanged your Chromebook because your issued device was damaged or is not working, you will be purchasing the device you currently have. 

What You Get: 

Keep in mind:

Removal from School Network: Your Chromebook will be automatically removed from the school network remotely by June 30.

Transfer Your GUHSD files after you graduate

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Contact the library by calling or emailing Mrs. Macceca (619)593-5361 or Mrs. Martinez (619) 593-5360