Host Family Requirements

Host family's Responsibilities

The host family is to provide a safe, functional, and comfortable home environment in which the student feels at ease and is encouraged to use her or his English skills. You can expect to speak in English – great for practice for the students. Welcome the visiting students as if they were your own family members

Host Families are expected to provide a furnished bedroom and meals (Breakfast, lunch and Dinner everyday) for the student, allow the student full use of the household, suitable laundry facilities and cleaning supplies.

Host families should respect the rights, privacy, and culture of the student, including religious and political beliefs, and conduct themselves appropriately with the student at all times.

Remember that your student is a paying guest, and as such is not expected to perform household chores beyond cleaning up after themselves and keeping their bedrooms clean, nor are they expected to supervise children or take on other household responsibilities. Students will bring their own spending money and have U.S. travel health insurance.

Have Fun

  • Visit local areas (beaches, Balboa Park, Julian, etc.)
  • Family day!
  • Play a sport
  • Go out for Pizza
  • Take the students out shopping, movies, family activities, or nearby tours/attractions at least once a week

Home Requirements

To participate as a host, your dwelling must have…

    • Working smoke alarms
    • Each student should have their own bed; they can share a room, 2 students in a room and up to 4 students in a house.
      • Clean bed and bath linens, washed once per week
    • Mirror and wardrobe, dresser and/or closet space
    • Adequate heating/cooling
    • Bathroom access
    • Available desk/work area
    • Access to washing and ironing facilities

For more information from the AIA website, please visit their Host FAQ webpage

The Hosting Experience for Newbies

The Hosting Experience (for newbies)