3D Design

Granite Hills High School

Teacher Biography Mrs. Roby mroby@guhsd.net

2/26- 3/2

Beginning students make the hollow fish form and textured background.


Advanced students finish their study of facial anatomy and features.

3/5- 3/9

Beginning students sculpt

the body structures and

habitat features of their

high relief fish sculptures.


Advanced students

build the structure of their

portrait bust and establish

the planes of the head.

3/12- 3/16

Beginning students have finished modeling their fish sculpture. This week, they carve to establish textures and refine the forms.

Finished sculptures are turned in Wed. 14-Friday 16.

3/12- 3/16

Advanced students have finished modeling the shoulder, neck and head of the bust. Now they establish the planes of the head, mark the proportions and locations of the features, and begin modeling the features.


Beginning students have turned in their finished fish sculptures. We now paint our fired Autobiographical Rainsticks.


Advanced students use calipers and the "rule of halves" to establish the location of the facial features and begin modeling their Portrait Bust.


Beginning students are putting the finishing touches of paint on their Autobiographical Rainsticks. Some have begun to paint their Fish Sculptures.


Advanced students continue to develop the features of their Portrait Bust Sculptures.


Beginning students have finished painting their rainsticks and should finish painting their fish sculptures this week.

Progress report grades are this Friday. Late work can be accepted for credit no later than 4/18.


Advanced students continue to develop their Portrait Bust Sculptures.

Progress report grades are this Friday. Late work can be accepted for credit no later than 4/18.

4/23- 4/27

Beginning Students finish painting

fish sculptures.

We introduce the Stylized Mask Unit: survey of world cultures and mask traditions, select and research the mask of your choice.

4/23- 4/27

Advanced students continue

to develop their portrait busts.


Beginning students

finish the research and planning phase of the Cultural Abstract Mask Project. They begin construction.


Advanced students finish sculpting their Portrait Busts.

5/7- 5/11

Beginning students continue working on their Abstract Masks. These are due Fri. 18 and late work cannot receive credit! Painted masks are due Frid. June 1st. These last scores will greatly affect your final grade.

5/7- 5/11

Advanced students are nearly finished sculpting their Portrait Busts.

32nd Annual Grossmont Union High School District Art Show: May 4,5 & 6 at Parkway Plaza

Congratulations to Art Show Winners:

Noe Cruz, Eli Murdock, Seth Mielke, Jenna Pitman, and Cory Tucker.

Additional student participants include:

Jasmine Hosfield, Katie Carlin, David Gonzalez, Hailey Ferfuson, Jaden Mack and Natalie Pacheco.

Your classmates, parents, friends and especially me-your teacher- we are all very proud of you!

5/14- 5/18

Home stretch! Beginning students complete their Abstract Masks. Due Friday.

5/14- 5/18

Finally finished! Advanced students wrap up their Portrait Busts.