Google Tools for Learning

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Session Outline

Intended audience: Educators new to Google For Education Tools and/or for those wanting to develop their edtech skills. This workshop is beneficial for the novice to the intermediate user.

Phil will share many of his favourite practical tips and tricks found in G Suite for Education, working with Google Forms to Google Sites and everything in between. Participants will have opportunities to try some of tools during the session.

This workshop will get you started on your journey of becoming a Certified Google for Education Educator. Phil discusses how to get started on your Level I Certification and how to make use of the training resources. These resources are a good fit for the educator who would like to learn more about integration of technology in their classroom.

Please bring a device (laptop, tablet, or smartphone). You will need a gmail account to use the tools discussed in this workshop. Please have your account created in time for the session.

We will examine:

  • Collaborative Features of G Suite for Education
  • Management of a Digital Classroom
  • Student Portfolios With New Google Sites
  • Google for Education Tools Uses: Collaboration, Peer Reviews, Assessment, and more....

If your school already has G Suite for Education, you're ready to explore. If not, you will learn ways to help your school get started.

Do you have a paper-based mindset?

  1. Do you require students to work within the box?
  2. Do you "flatten" student work?
  3. Are you limiting collaboration?
  4. Do you discourage mistakes?
  5. Do you venture outside the four walls of you classroom?
  6. Is your classroom full of dead paper?