Professional Portfolio | Sarah Sample | Granite State College Teacher Candidate

Welcome to the mock portfolio for Granite State College Teacher Candidates.

This portfolio is intended to serve as a model for how candidates might design their professional portfolios. This sample is meant to be a guide only.

*Granite State College takes care to advise students that portfolios must preserve the confidentiality of K12 students and staff. Students are responsible for both the content of their portfolios and for vetting the content for confidentiality. GSC portfolios are not maintained by the college.

Students have the autonomy to design their portfolios in the manner they find the most effective. There are some requirements, however, of each GSC student's portfolio which include:

1) A separate page for each InTASC Standard (Learner & Learning, Content Knowledge, Instructional Strategies, & Professional Responsibility)

2) A 'My Growth Timeline' page with submissions each term

3) Each key artifact required of the candidate's certification program (A list of Key Artifacts can be found in the GSC SOE Student Handbooks and are LINKED HERE )

The School of Education offers periodic Portfolio Building Work Sessions (both online & F2F) for those seeking individual portfolio creation support. These sessions can be found on the Teacher Education Resource Page Calendar. In addition, the following resources have been created and curated for your use:

Please direct any portfolio specific questions to Christine Rand (, the School of Education faculty member who provides portfolio support to students.


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An important reminder about student privacy:

Images and videos of students may only be used with expressed written permission. Any student names used as part of teacher preparation documents, blogs, and assignments must be redacted. Use pseudonyms or initials when referring to students in lesson reflections, data analysis, and/or reports on instructional decision making.

Use this front page to introduce yourself. Provide your contact information and links to your professional Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter accounts and to your professional blog.

EXAMPLE: This digital portfolio contains exemplar artifacts of my work for certification in Educational Technology Integration at Granite State College.


Sarah Sample


Insert your resume as part of the page (below) or as a document link.

SAMPLE Resume.docx