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Video shot by Divey Chhabra and edited by Shubham Goel of DLDAVSB, India

By Ansh Singhal , DLDAVSB, India

The Internet offers a world of opportunities to you. But it is also full of risks also like-

          • Inappropriate conduct
          • Inappropriate content
          • Inappropriate contact

Creating awareness about cyber security specially among the youth has become the need of the time. With the mission of keeping the web a safer place for everyone, a skit was enacted by Web Ranger students' team of DLDAVSB, India on its annual day in front of a big audience- School's Chairman, Manager, Principals of other schools , Parents and Students of our school.

Text by: Ojaswi, India

Flags of both countries made by-: Shubham Goel, India

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