Mr. Bolyard - Math

About Me

  • Family: I am married and have 2 sons, Ethan and Jacob. Ethan is 9 years old and is in 4th grade. Jacob is 5 years old and is going into Kindergarten. We also have a 2 year old dog named Honeybun.

  • Education: I graduated from Missouri State University in 2006 and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Middle School Education Math/Science. I received a Master’s Degree in Mathematics for Educators from Webster University in 2014.

  • Teaching experience: I've taught High School Math, Middle School Math, and Middle School Science. This is my third year at GSA and my 14th year teaching.

  • Interests and Hobbies: Lately I've been playing a ton of Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons with my sons. I also like to exercise, read, play video games, and play and watch sports.

Class Schedule / Office hours / Tutoring

1st period: 7th grade Math

2nd period: 7th grade Math

3rd period: 7th grade Math

4th period: 7th grade Math

6th period: Pre-Algebra

8th period: 7th grade Math

Office hours: TBD

Tutoring: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 2:45-3:30

Additional Tutoring offered by request.

Google Classroom

All communication to students will be given through google classroom. Please check the "MS Google Classroom Codes" document sent by email from GSA for classroom codes. Students, please be sure to join the correct period on the document. If you accidentally join the incorrect class, then I will send you an email with the correct code to join on Google Classroom. The zoom link used for class can be found on Google Classroom at the top of the page in the class description.

Course Overview: 7th grade Math

1st Quarter

Module 1: Proportional Relationships

Module 2: Solve Percent Problems

Module 3: Operations with Integers

2nd Quarter

Module 4: Operations with Rational Numbers

Module 5: Simplify Algebraic Expressions

Module 6: Write and Solve Equations

3rd Quarter

Module 7: Write and Solve Inequalities

Module 8: Geometric Figures

Module 9: Measure Figures

4th Quarter

Module 10: Probability

Module 11: Sampling and Statistics

Course Overview: Pre-Algebra

Module 1: Proportional Relationships

Module 2: Solve Percent Problems

Module 3: Operations with Integers and Rational Numbers

Module 4: Exponents and Scientific Notation

Module 5: Real Numbers

Module 6: Algebraic Expressions

Module 7: Equations and Inequalities

Module 8: Linear Relationships and Slope

Module 9: Probability

Module 10: Sampling and Statistics

Module 11: Geometric Figures

Module 12: Area, Surface Area, and Volume

Module 13: Transformations, Congruence, and Similarity

Classroom Expectations


  1. Mute yourself on Zoom when asked to do so. Please mute yourself if I ask you to! This could be for background noise, behavior, etc.

  2. Be kind and courteous in the chat. Use language that is appropriate for school. Please use the chat for educational purposes.

  3. Keep distractions (TV, cell phone, music) put away. Just like in school, remove distractions so you can focus on classwork.

  4. Participate in class! Stay focused. Ask and answer questions. If you need to ask a question out loud, please use the "raise hand" function on Zoom.

  5. Stay on topic and limit side conversations. Please make sure your comments, questions, and conversations are related to the topic we are learning.


  1. Be on time. Join our Zoom class on time! Complete the warm-up posted on Google Classroom as soon as possible!

  2. Be prepared. Have your materials ready to go. Make sure your Chromebook is charged!

  3. Be in a quiet, indoor location. Make sure your family members know you are on a Zoom call. Make sure there isn't any music or TV playing in the background.

  4. Check email and Google Classroom every single day. Your go to resource for math class is Google Classroom. From Google Classroom you might be directed to other sites. Respond to emails within 24 hours.


  1. Use your Chromebook safely. Visit safe, school-approved websites. Websites needed for class will be posted on Google Classroom each day.

  2. Communicate safely. Make sure you use your Chromebook to communicate only with people from our school. Their email address should end with

  3. Report any unsafe behavior to a teacher or principal. If you hear of someone participating in unsafe behavior (talking to strangers, talking to you or others about unsafe behavior, looking at unsafe websites, etc.) please report it to a staff member.


  1. Help others when you can. I may ask students to share their perspective on math topics during class discussions.

  2. Help your classmates to stay on task. Avoid distracting behaviors and off-topic conversations.

  3. Help your parents and family to stay connected with school. Share announcements and other important information with them. Invite them to help you with your assignments! We are in this together!

  4. Be helpful in your home! Help your parents and family around the house. Keep your study space neat and tidy. Ask those you live with how you can be helpful to them!

Rewards and Consequences

Please review the following so you know what to expect to happen if you do meet our expectations (rewards!) and if you don't (consequences).