Supervision & Evaluation

RSU 14


We hope that you find all the information and resources needed to support you within each cycle of the evaluation system. As always, our goal is to communicate effectively and we welcome any feedback or suggestions so that we can better meet your needs as you navigate through the system and ProTraxx.

The RSU 14 Supervision and Evaluation model:

  • encourages shared language about the craft of teaching

  • supports collaboration throughout the RSU 14 community, ultimately fostering improvement in teaching practices through continuous professional development, and positively impacting student learning

  • provides opportunities for teachers to be reflective in their practice and continue to develop their craft in order to support student learning

  • improves student learning and growth, and provides all students with effective educators throughout their experience at RSU 14

RSU 14 Supervision and Evaluation Committee

WPS: Rebecca Cole , Rebecca Miller, Lisa Backman

RES: Erin Simoneau, Carolynne Bacon


Manchester: Melissa Azzaratta, Jeanne Demers, Kristal Vargo-Ward

WMS: AJ Ruth, Drew Patin

WHS: Michael Levine, Vanessa Michaud, Tammy Lorenzatti

Central Office: Lisa Garneau, Christine Bertinet, Christine Hesler, Chris Howell

21-22 Timeline S & E Cycle .docx