Spring 2022

"Spring has sprung, the grass is riz,

I wonders where the birdies is.

They say the birds is on the wing.

Ain't that absurd?

I always thought the wing was on the bird." - Anonymous

I was raking my yard this weekend. It seemed fitting given it was the Spring Equinox, and the sun was shining. Feeling revived and hopeful that winter is truly over, I was not disappointed to see new plant life emerging from the ground, buried under a blanket of leaves. It made me think about how much we rely on the seasons to revitalize ourselves. School systems' entire calendars are built around this premise. We have a long weekend in the fall, a winter break, a spring break, and then we close the year out with Memorial Day weekend marking the start of summer. Each of these transitions to the next season afford us some down time and an opportunity to take care of ourselves before getting back at the work that is always present.

This spring, Groton has a lot to be hopeful for... a capital project on the cusp of starting. A group of seniors who have endured through the pandemic and are about to come out on the other side as high school graduates. A school community that has been able to lift social restrictions, host extracurrcular events, and begin to feel a sense of "normalcy" within the building. A new Science Center being designed for our youngest learners at the elementary school. A new health sciences curriculum for the students at the Jr-Sr High.

'So much to be proud of...so much to come.

I am so, so glad that 'spring has sprung!'

Health Sciences COURSES COME to GROTON (Fall 2022 )

We are excited to be offering a Health Sciences program as part of our STEAM for the 2022-2023 school year! Students will have an opportunity to take health-related courses that align with careers in the medical field, including nursing, physial therapy, respiratory therapy, pre-vet, and pre-med. All of these classes will be tied to college credit, should the student wish to take advantage of the dual-enrollment program. Course work for year one includes General Biology and supporting labs, Introduction to Bio-Technology, Medical Terminology and Health, and Technology and the Environment. For those students who have a strong desire to pursue even more health sciences courses than just through STEAM, the district will also be offering an Anatomy and Physiology college course for incoming seniors. Students who participate in the STEAM program will be able to earn college credit towards an Associate's Degree in Nursing or Paramedic Science, while being exposed to a host of health science career fields through course work, field visits, hands-on laboratory work, and more. Simultaneously to a high school program, the District is also planning an adult education version of the health science STEAM program for adults within our community through partnership with area colleges/universities. Stay tuned for more information on the expansion of a health sciences career training opportunity for the Groton community at large!


The District and the Board of Education are excited to announce that the Capital Project will be breaking ground at the start of April 2022. Phase 1 includes upgrading the athletic facilities at Ross field, including installation of an all-purpose Turf field, new concession stand, bleachers, and press box. In addition, the baseball field will be relocated to the Groton Elementary School and will be upgraded as well. We have been working with our construction management and architectural firms on proactive plans for addressing supply chain issues, including utilizing state contracts for the items that have the longest wait time (bleachers, lighting, and artificial turf). It is the goal of the District to have the site work at Ross Field completed in time for fall sports to play on.

Phase Two of the project is presently in the design stage, and includes a new science learning center at the Elementary school, and a new roof on the bus garage. This work is slated to begin the spring of 2023, with completion set for early Fall of 2023.

The District is providing monthly updates on the capital project in its e-newsletters... be sure to check out further editions for status updates!

Capital Project Presentation - Fall 2021
Groton Stair 01-01.pdf

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