Student - Journalist

I want to become a great storyteller. Whether acting, anchoring a radio newscast, or directing a play, my most successful and exciting social experiences so far have revolved around clearly and cogently communicating messages to groups of people. I chose to study communication at Boston University so that I can hone these skills, and hopefully tell important stories.

My interest in storytelling emerged when I was six; I began to accompany my grandfather to his job as the general manager of the NBC affiliate in Wichita, Kansas. I loved going out with the reporters and learning about the process of creating news packages. These experiences at KSN taught me that reporting, whether about a traffic jam or a bank robbery, is about sharing a story with an audience.

As a student, I am working to reach my potential and become the most creative, well-rounded, and best communicator possible, allowing me to create my own career in storytelling.