Stop Motion Animation

Preparation & Plan

1. Explanation & Introduction

    • What is Stop Motion?
    • Look at Samples/Examples
      • Discussion about Materials
    • Stop Motion App
    • Project Description & Rubric

2. Story

    • Brainstorm
    • Proposal Acceptance

3. Prepare

Build sets, props, and characters.

Practice story, and make any changes.


4. Stop Motion App

Shoot movie

Finalize and Export to Camera

5. iMovie

Import to iMovie

Remember Copyright! Add sound effects, music, artists’ first names, etc.

Finalize and Export to Camera

Share & Reflect

6. Share & Reflect

Upload to Flipgrid

Complete Rubric.


Special Thanks to:

Patrick Brittenham; Hillsboro Innovation Strategist

Alecia Eggers Kaczmarek

David Loitz at Mr. David’s School of Film @mrdavidfilm and Mr. David’s School of Film.