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Humanities 10 Edition

During Distance Learning, Greenwich High School's Innovation Lab Humanities 10 students put their collaboration, creativity, and initiative to work in spite of the challenges.

They wrote their sophomore research papers and created award-winning National History Day projects using the Design Thinking Process. At the outset of the experience, students kept pandemic journals about their days exploring the way the elements of literature enrich storytelling. They turned their journals into short stories, films, and a variety of other media. Students then studied 60s history and read The Secret Life of Bees, paying close attention to emotion, persuasion, the power of metaphor and symbols, and our essential question, How can you use your voice to create change? Based on lessons from history and literature, students connected with their younger peers from Julian Curtiss Elementary through Flip Grid as part of their Design Thinking Process. They used their research to write original children’s books with the goal of fostering a better world for tomorrow.

You can find some of our projects here on our Distance Learning Website. The Greatest Hits page includes work from earlier this year as well.