Teacher Notes:

SC Pass & Ready will continue this week! SS testing will be Monday, May 20th and Math will be Wednesday, May 22nd. Please make sure that your student gets lots of rest and eats a nutritious breakfast. We know they are well prepared and will do very well!

Ways to help:

● Make sure students get a good night’s sleep.

● Please have students to school on time.

● Make sure students leave all electronics at home.

● Make sure students dress comfortably.

● Make sure students eat a good breakfast.

*Please remember to complete your Guess Who!

Quiz & Test Dates:

  • 5/20 SC PASS- Social Studies
  • 5/22 SC READY- Math
  • 5/23 STEMS 21-25 due
  • 5/24 STEMS 21-25 Quiz

Important Dates:

  • 5/27 – Memorial Day Holiday
  • 5/31 – 5th Grade Day
  • 6/4 –5 th Grade Field Day
  • 6/5 - 5th Grade Awards