Southside High School Freshman Academy

Our goals in the Academy are to maintain 80% or higher in all classes and to be present everyday!

Today, we took all the students names that had those criteria and drew names for some wonderful gifts!

Congratulations to Apoorva Mahendranath and Mayayia Atkins! Well deserved!

Parents and students:

I would like to welcome you to Southside High School and congratulate you on your success in school so far. You are in high school now and will be referred to as the class of 2022! #co2022

The administration and the teachers have worked diligently over the summer to prepare for the students and formulate new and exciting ways to prepare them to be College and Career ready! I want to stress the importance of your 9th grade year! When you enter high school, you are preparing to receive your high school diploma. In June of 2022, I expect all 9th grade students to be walking across the stage to accept their diploma and be prepared to enter either college or the workforce.

In order to get your diploma, there are goals that you must set and strive for every day. The first goal to set is to show up to school every day, on time, prepared to learn. This means bringing the required materials to school to be successful. The second goal is to study! If you are struggling with content - go to AAA tutoring on Tuesday or Thursday. We offer this for all 9th grade students and encourage you to take advantage of this service. In order to move on to the 10th grade, you will have to EARN 5 units by the end of the school year. Of those 5, one must be English and the other must be math. The other 3 can be in any subject. I also have goals and expectations for every student. My goal is for all students to pass all 7 classes that they are enrolled in for the 2018-2019 school year! I know that if we all work together and strive to be successful, then that success will follow!

Parents, it is important for all students to understand the expectations for their teachers and the school. We will go over the rules and policies set forth by Greenville County and Southside High School during the parent orientation and the first week of school. I ask that you work with us to make sure that our students understand the rules and abide by them daily. I will be monitoring student grades and contacting parents when I believe tutoring would benefit a student. I encourage you to stay connected through the Parent Portal. You can have emails sent to you regarding your students grades daily, weekly or you can log in anytime it is convenient to check their grades.

We also have a Facebook and Twitter account that I will be updating. There is a link to both of these social media platforms at the top of the page.

I am excited to be at Southside High School and look forward to meeting and working with everyone! If you every have a question or concern, I encourage you to contact me and/or the teacher.

Thank you in advance for allowing me the opportunity to work with you and your student!

Paige Baker

Freshman Academy Administrator, Southside High School