Chromebook Support

GCSD Technology PL

Greenville County School District recognizes the importance of preparing students for 21st Century careers. The Personalized Learning Initiative, launched in August 2016, focuses on instruction that is paced to the learning needs of students; tailored to the learning preferences of students; and customized to the interests of students.

The Personalized Learning Initiative attempts to engage students in real-world, authentic learning that prepares students for their future in a world of digital technology and information. In order to accomplish our Personalized Learning goals, every Southside High School student will be given a Dell Chromebook as the vehicle to power their learning for the 2019-2020 school year and beyond! The Chromebook Support Page contains links to essential information and procedures that parents, staff, and students need to know in order for us to fully implement personalized learning, manage our students' Chromebooks effectively, and to provide support for students and teachers using Google Apps for Education.

Please follow the top menu in order to minimize any interruption due to repairs, gain access to Chromebook tutorials and support in using Google Apps and to access Chromebook FAQs.

Please click on the following link to view a short video from Greenville County Schools regarding the Personalized Learning Initiative: