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Welcome to My Page!

My name is Stacy Elizabeth Holcombe, and I'm the Technology Instructional Specialist at Mauldin High School.

Prior to this position, I was one of the school's Media Specialists. I've worked as a Media Specialist here at MHS and at D.R. Hill Middle School in Spartanburg School District Five.

I'm also a former high school English teacher!

Technology Instructional Specialist

I love instructional technology!

Read about the many reasons I feel technology enhances education for both teachers and students HERE.

My job gives me an opportunity to work with both teachers and students on using technology in the classroom, show others how Chromebook apps can enhance student learning, and assist teachers with the implementation of instructional technology. Effective use of instructional technology has the capacity to both motivate students and to enhance a teacher's instruction!

When I am not playing with new technologies and the latest gadgets, I love reading nonfiction, young adult lit, and spending time with my 12 year old daughter, Saylor!

My Contact Information:

(864) 355-6505


E102: Chromebook Support Room (Before School and C Lunch)

Media Center (A and B Lunches)

ITLT Meeting Room

Educational Background

Erskine College, B.A. English, Valedictorian

USC Columbia, M.A. Library and Information Science

National Board Certification 2002, 2011 in English Language Arts/Young Adult and Adolescence

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