Welcome to the Library!


The mission of the library program is to provide instruction and resources that help students and staff effectively use and create information. The program empowers students to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and producers of information. 


Students, share a joke or fun fact for the morning show!

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Library Schedule

Beaudet Schedule 23-24

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Policies and Procedures

Checkouts: Kindergartners and first graders check out one book. Second graders through fifth graders check out two books. If students have reached their limit, they may not check out another book until a book is returned. 

Lost and damaged books: We charge full cost for new books that are lost or damaged. We waive fines for lost or damaged books that circulated more than fifty times or when there are extenuating circumstances. 

Meet the staff!

Ms. Beaudet is excited to be starting her fifth year as a school librarian and her third at Sara Collins! While she earned her library degree from USC, she worked at the public library. Her favorite book when she was a little girl was A Bad Case of the Stripes! 

Contact Ms. Beaudet:


(864) 355-3205

Media Clerk, Mary John McNair

This is Mrs. McNair's thirteenth year as the SEC Media Clerk. Reading has always been one of her favorite hobbies. Her favorite children's book is Miss Suzy by Miriam Young!
Contact Mrs. McNair:
(864) 355-3263