Northwood Middle School 6th Grade Green Steps Project

Welcome to Ms. Borders' 6th Grade Class and Their Journey Into Gardening!

For the first part of our year long project the students had to actually build their raised beds. With a small amount of lumber purchased from a local hardware store the students framed out three raised beds that are 5'x10' and 10 inches deep. We were able to purchase the lumbar and nails thanks to a grant from our schools PTA! Thank you Northwood PTA!

After the raised beds had been built, we had some dirt delivered from Southern Mulch. A portion of the dirt was paid for with our PTA grant and the rest was a donation from Southern Mulch. We used shovels and buckets to move the dirt from the large pile into the beds. Each student took time to move dirt and help spread it out evenly in each bed.