Mrs. Parker's 4K Classroom

Welcome to K4!

Be sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

Important Dates:

August 20, 2019 First Day of School

Supply List:

Towel or Towel-sized blanket for Quiet Time

Backpack (regular size)

Change of clothes (pants, shirt, underwear)

My Wish List:

We are always in need of materials. Below is a list of a few things we always need.


Dry erase markers (Expo works best)


Crayola markers

cotton balls

baby wipes

glue sticks

Ziploc bags (Gallon and/or Quart size)

Sometimes we will need items related to the season or theme. Let me know if I can contact you at these times for donations. THANK YOU for your help!!

You can reach me by phone (355-2043) or email: