Mrs. Malinowski's


Throughout the year I will post important class information to this site. Be sure to add my site to your favorites!

My Schedule

Period 1 Teacher Cadet

Period 2 English IV Honors

Period 3 English IV Honors

Period 4 AP Literature

Period 5 English IV Honors

Period 6 Planning

Period 7 Planning

Contact Information


(864) 355-6300 ext. 6366

If you would like extra help you can arrange an appointment with me. I am available (by appointment) Tuesday at 8:15 am or at 4:10 pm. If you make an appointment to see me and are unable to attend, it is your responsibility to cancel the appointment - not showing up is unacceptable!

Mission Statement

We develop opportunities for all students to achieve personal success and become college and career ready in order to become productive, responsible, and engaged citizens.


Making a Difference by inspiring, supporting, and preparing students for their next step in life.