Ms. Kushnir's General Information

Welcome to Ms. Kushnir's Class Website. Please reference the Class Calendar below for upcoming assignments and events.

I. Contact


Telephone: (864) 355- 5593

II. Daily Schedule

Period 1: AP Biology

Period 2: AP Biology

Period 3: Planning

Period 4: AP Biology/ Lunch

Period 5: Planning

Period 6: AP Biology

Period 7: AP Biology

III. Classroom Rules and Expectations:

Students are expected to follow the rules and procedures as specified in the Greenville Senior High School Student Handbook.

A. Ms. Kushnir's Class Rules and Consequences

1. Be on time

2. Be prepared

3. Respect others

All discipline will be handled according to the Greenville Senior Academy’s Student Handbook.

B. Electronic Devices: Use of electronic devices such as cell phones is not permitted during class unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Using an electronic device without permission in class will result in progressive consequences including a teacher warning, phone call home and discipline referrals.

C. Tardies: Attendance will be taken at the beginning of class every day. Students will be given 5 Tardies per Quarter. On the 6th Tardy, students will begin to receive progressively more severe consequences including Saturday Detention, In School Suspension and Out of School Suspension.