Greenville Senior High

Freshman Academy

What is the Freshman Academy?

The Freshman Academy is a small learning community within the school that strives to support freshmen as they transition from middle to high school. Special attention is given to instructional best practices tailored to scaffold the academic and social success of young adolescents. Teachers plan and communicate together in a professional learning community to help ensure that students' developmental and academic needs are met in a supportive and engaging environment.

Our Mission

The mission of the Freshmen Academy is to facilitate and support all students' efforts and provide them with specific skills that can be applied to making a successful transition from middle school to graduation.

Our Goals

#1 Increase the number of students graduating in 4 years

#2 Increase the number of students who successfully complete the requirements for promotion to 10th grade to at least 95%.

#3 Improve each EOC pass rate (Algebra 1, English 1, Biology 1) by 5% annually.

#4 Increase the number of students that are more independent and ready for rigorous courses after the Academy.