FAC Voice Audition Timeline:

November 28, 2023: FAC online application for new and returning students for the 2024-2025 school year will go live via BACKPACK. 

January 26, 2024, at 11:59p.m.: Deadline for applications and pre-screening materials. Late submissions will not be accepted. 

February 9, 2024: Notification of pre-screen results to applicants and communication of  final round audition date/time to all applicants. 

February 24, & March 2, 2024: Whole school Audition Days 

March 14, 2024: Notification of audition results sent via BACKPACK.  

1. Step 1:  Complete your application for the FAC Voice Program via BACKPACK by Jan 26th.

        2. Step 2:  Video record your Pre-Screen prior to the deadline (see below for detailed information) 

       3. Step 3:  Fill out the Pre-Screen form and upload your Pre-Screen Video to the form by Jan 26th deadline. 

Pre-Screen Form Link- Click Here  

        4. Step 4:  An application is considered COMPLETE when the applicant has successfully submitted all application materials by the Jan 26th deadline (BACKPACK Application &  Pre-Screen Form with Video Attached). This MUST be completed by the deadline of January 26th to be considered for callbacks. 

**If only one of the steps is completed by the deadline,  the application will NOT be considered for a callback and therefore incomplete. 


IMPORTANT: Pre-Screen Video is due at the time of application submission. 


Video Recording of 1 Vocal Selection-

1.    The 1 song must be chosen from the standard Classical Repertoire (art song or folk song) OR from the standard Musical Theatre Repertoire. You are only required to sing 1 song for the video pre-screen. Please pick something that shows off your range and performance skills. Pick a song that fits your voice and that shows your personality.

2.    The Selection MUST be memorized.

3.    The selection must have accompaniment (piano track, backing track from YouTube, or live accompanist in video). If you can not find an accompaniment for your piece, please e-mail

4.    Please introduce yourself at the beginning of the video. Ex:

“Hi my name is___________ and I will be performing (Title of song)” 

5.    Please check your video for sound. Dress appropriately for the video as if it were the real audition. Make sure you are videoing yourself straight on (not from an angle).  Please stand while you are singing your piece. Please video yourself from the knees up. Your full torso should be in the shot. Check for sound balance prior to submitting. Make sure the accompaniment track is not too loud or overpowering your singing. Most of all, have fun and show your personality.


Example of Classical Art Song: (Anything from the 24 Italian Art Song & Arias book or an English Folk Song Arrangement Book)  

  Caro Mio Ben Accompaniment Track (C major) 

Caro Mio Ben Sheet Music (low key) 

Example of Musical Theatre Song: (Anything from a Broadway Musical, Jr. Musical, Disney Musical/Movie, or Movie Musical is acceptable) 

Wouldn't It Be Loverly Sheet Music  

Wouldn't It Be Loverly Accompaniment Track  

Example of Pre-Screen 

Claire Shirley, Junior FAC Voice Studio 

Things to think about when doing the pre-screen-

Final Round (call Backs): 

Students will be notified about Pre-Screen results via e-mail.  Information on what to prepare for call backs (TBD). Thank you so much! 

Important Note to Applicants: 

Please only apply to the Fine Arts Center if you can commit to following the application and audition instructions, checking your email and your Backpack account regularly, and showing up to your audition time if you are offered an audition.

In order to receive an audition with us, you must be a student in good standing at your school.  We will look at your discipline record and grades to ensure that you will be a successful student in the rigorous, independent learning environment of the FAC.


*Students who will not be attending a GCS High School next year - Charter School, Home School, Private School, Virtual School: