SES Media Center

SES Media Center

Welcome to the SES Media Center!

The media center is open from 7:15 am - 3:00 pm. Students may use the media center to check-in, check-out, read books, or work on projects.

Classes are held each day from 8:30-2:15. All classes visit the library every other week for library lessons and book check-out. However, students may visit the library throughout the week to exchange books.

Check-out Policy:

Kindergarten and 1st grade - 1 book

2nd grade - 2 books

3rd - 5th grade - 3 books

Students are allowed to check out books for a ten-day period. If needed, students may renew the item. If the book is not returned in ten days, the book becomes overdue. While students do not receive a fine for overdue books, all students are encouraged to return their books on time.

When a book is lost, the student needs to let the library staff know as soon as possible. We will continue to look for the book. If the book is not found, the student may need to pay for a replacement for the book.