Greenville Elementary School

Student Assistance Program

The Elementary Student Assistance Program (ESAP) team works to identify students who are troubled by social, emotional, or other concerns which pose a barrier to academic and overall school success. Students who are having difficulties at school or at home can be identified and referred for help. The ESAP team works with parents and the students to provide accommodations and interventions to increase student achievement. SAP is not a treatment program but an intervention program. The ESAP team does not diagnose problems, but may refer students to outside assessment agencies and treatment programs.

SAP Team Brochure

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School Staff Referral Form

ESAP Referral Form

If you are not a member of the staff at the Greenville Elementary Schools but are concerned about a student, please contact a member of the elementary SAP team to make a referral.

SAP Team Members

Hempfield Elementary - (724) 588-1018 East Elementary (724) 588-1173

Matt Dieter, Principal

Josh Stonebraker, Assistant Principal

Sarah Pilolli, School Counselor

Beth Schaller, School Psychologist

Heather White, School Nurse

Duncan Wingard, Teacher

Caitlyn Bleggi, Teacher

Jackie Manzo, Mercer County SAP Liaison