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Ciprián Cabrera Jasso Library

Founded in January 2022

Cyprian Cabrera Jasso (born 1950-2012) was a playwright, narrative essayist, and poet.

He studied psychology at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico and English literature at the University of Michigan.

He was a member of the Mexican Academy of Language. Author of different story books. His poetic work includes more than 15 titles 

The IB school librarian:

At IB World Schools across the globe, librarians are providing educational and pedagogical leadership, and are often involved in varied collaborative investigations with teachers and students, as well as developing and managing the library itself.

This work can be seen every day and it impacts the creative, critical and analytical skills taught across the continuum but it makes a particularly transformative difference in the culminating projects: the PYP Exhibition, the MYP Personal Project and the IB Diploma Programme Extended Essay.

The Ciprián Cabrera Jasso library has an open shelf service. There is where users can take any bibliographic material such as: encyclopedias, dictionaries, magazines, stories, different literary collections and didactic material, sit comfortably at the reading tables and review the information. In addition, a virtual consultation module is available in the computer area, where students can search for magazines and books online, as well as browse virtual libraries and museums. Our classification system is the general classification system of bibliographic holdings, LCC for its acronym in English (LCC, Library of Congress Classification).